Clean-Ups For Beginners

This beginner section for Clean-ups discusses the removal of toxins, pathogens and other that come from our environment which we are confronted with on a daily basis.

They include:

Clean up your house by removing all chemicals and solvents from house, basement, attic and garage.

Clean up your body products by using a completely natural certified organic syncrometer tested body-care range or use only Borax.

In the INFORMATIONAL of this section, you have noticed that most pathogens and toxins come into us through food and water.

The beginner section on FOOD and WATER discusses their sterilizers. These subjects are discussed more in detail in the Advanced section.

The Beginner’s dental section discusses the importance of removing all metals, dental infections and the toxic bacteria Clostridium. For more in depth information consult the Advanced section on DENTAL-CARE

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