Dr. Clark kidney cleanse is one of her most important cleanses. Most toxins pass through our kidneys. This cleanse strengthens and cleans our kidneys, removing and dissolving kidney stones and removing urinary tract bacteria.

Dr. Clark has meticulously chosen from "Nature's garden", herbs and roots to do this. Reading the properties of each single herb and root, will help you to understand why Dr. Clark has put together the following roots and herbs for her kidney cleanse:

  • Root mixture: (1/2 cup each)
    • HYDRANGEA ROOT (Arborescens) – was the North American Indian remedy for kidney and bladder stones. It expels and dissolves them
    • MARSHMALLOW (Althaea officinalis) – treats cystitis and frequent urination
    • GRAVEL ROOT (Eupatorium purpureum) – North American Indian remedy to eliminate stones from the urinary tract , treats urinary incontinence in children, cystitis, urethritis, impotence
  • BLACK CHERRY CONCENTRATE (240 ml) - for kidney stones and frequent urination
  • GOLDENROD (Solidago virgaurea) (30 ml) – treatment of urinary tract disorders and infections such as nephritis or simply cystitis, removal of bladder and kidney stones. Used against candida fungus
  • GINGER (Zingiber Officinale Rosc) (500 mg)
  • UVA URSI (Bearberry) (500 mg)– Used by North American Indians as one of the best natural urinary antiseptics
    Ginger and Uva Ursi remove methyl malonate that clog the kidneys
  • VITAMIN B6 (250 mg) and MAGNESIUM (300 mg)– to prevent oxalate stones from forming
  • PARSLEY – highly nutritious, a natural vitamin and mineral supplement. Rids the body of stones. Helps the body get rid of toxins via the urine. Removes malonic acid

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1st Preparation:  
½ package of Root mixture
10 cups of cold tap water (2,5 liters)
set the roots to soak for at least 4 hours or whole night
8 oz. black cherry concentrate (240 ml) Heat to boiling and simmer for 20 minutes
Pour through a stainless steel strainer into a HDPE container. Refrigerate and freeze  



2nd Preparation:  
4 bunches of fresh parsley
1 quart of water (l liter)
2 hot washes
boil for 5 minutes
Refrigerate a pint and freeze a pint (0.5 lt)  

Drink daily for three weeks:

  • 3/4 cup (180ml) root mixture
  • 1/2 cup (120 ml) parsley water
  • 20 drops goldenrod tincture (omit if allergic)

Supplements to take before meals:

  Ginger Uva Ursi Vitamin B6 Magnesium oxide
Breakfast 1 1 1  
Supper 1 2   1


Heat the kidney teas to boiling every fourth day if it is being stored in the refrigerator; this re-sterilizes it. If you sterilize it in the morning you may take it to work without refrigerating it.

Drink this mixture in divided doses throughout the day. Keep cold. Do not drink it all at once or you will get a stomach ache and feel pressure in your bladder. If your stomach is very sensitive, start on half this dose.

Save the roots after the first boiling, storing them in the freezer.

After 13 days when your supply runs low, boil the same roots a second time, but add only 6 cups water and simmer only 10 minutes. This will last another 8 days, for a total of three weeks. You may cook the roots a third time if you wish, but the recipe gets less potent. If your problem is severe, only cook them twice. After three weeks, repeat with fresh herbs. You need to do the kidney cleanse for six weeks to get good results, longer for severe problems.

(extracted from "The Cure for all advanced Cancers"; Copyright notice)

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