Cancer Plate-Zapping Instructions

Start with the BASIC SET everyday. Each plate-zapping session takes 20 minutes. Four zapping sessions form the Basic set, therefore it will take 1 hr and 20 minutes

Basic Set:

Left Plate

"L" + 1 uH

Right Plate

"A" + 1 pF
"A" + 1uH


"A" stands for arteries
"L" stands for lymphatic vessels
CSF stands for cerebrospinal fluid (the lymph that baths the brain)
WBCs stands for white blood cells

Here is how you would set up your bottles on the platezapper.


alt alt
alt alt

Then after the basic set, start zapping the organ this way:

Organ with tumor:

Put the organ with the tumor on the right plate.
Put one part of the vascular system (basic set) on the left plate and rotate these with every plate-zapping session (The order does not matter)

The organ plate-zapping sessions are to be done with:

  • Organ alone
  • Organ touching "A" (arteries of the organ are being plate-zapped)
  • Organ touching "L" (lymphatic vessels of the organ are being plate-zapped)
  • Organ touching "WBCs" (WBCs of the organ are being plate-zapped)

pF and uH are used to specifically zap the right or left sides of the organ.

Only after having done the above and followed the indications on the Cancer page, can one start to plate-zap the tumor itself


  • The left plate continues as mentioned above rotating the parts of the basic set
  • On right plate put organ touching the tricalcium phosphate bottle copy.



  • Plate-zap only one location at a time
  • Do not plate-zap at night

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