In this section you will find all the products, devices and techniques used in the Clark protocol. Not all devices have been invented by Dr. Clark, but the most important ones have.

Dr. Clark integrated the devices and techniques you find below into her protocols in order to achieve successful results.

Here you find a brief introductory description of the devices:

The SYNCROMETER is a device that can scan for anything in and out of the body.

The ZAPPER is a device that eliminate small invaders such as parasites, bacteria, viruses.

The FREQUENCY GENERATOR is a device where frequencies can be specifically programmed in order to target the invaders.

The FOOD ZAPPICATOR removes small intruders such as parasite eggs, traces of bacteria and solvents from our food giving it a north polarization and in this way making it fresher and less allergenic. It must be connected to a zapper.

The TOOTH ZAPPICATOR removes traces of solvents, bacteria from our mouth and hardens plastic teeth so that it does not seep. It must be connected to a zapper.

The OZONATOR sterilizes food. Ozonated water removes Freon and PCBs and ozonated oil participates in  the removal of ascaris and other obstinate parasites as well as PCBs.

COLLOIDAL SILVER is a natural antibiotic. It has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitical properties.

PLATE-ZAPPING is a new kind of zapping that overcomes the obstacle of grease insulation. Plate-zapping is a very specific way to zap and clean out a specific organ. It is connected to a zapper and you need samples or homeographic copies of organs.

HOMEOGRAPHY is a frequency pattern of  substances or organs incorporated into water. Organs are cleaned of all toxins  by taking homeographic drops. Homeographic copies are used for plate-zapping or for syncrometer testing. To make homeographic drops you need the zapper plates and a zapper.

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