Pests and Morphine

(Article translated to English, intended for our Italian visitors and members)

I am pleased to see that other professionals are doing research on parasites and their connection with man. Dr. Clark was known worldwide for his research on parasites and their connection to humans.

New Book - For our Italian Visitors and Members

Free BookThe therapist and naturopath Clark Ignacio Chamorro, has written a book practical and easy to follow on its application of the Protocol Clark in the treatment of about 10,000 patients . I find it a very useful book, particularly practical as a guide Clark. Personally, I appreciate that you mention that every single supplement Dr. Clark has used, mentioning what good and proper dosage. You can order the English version or view online.

For our Italian visitors and members order here.

Everything on the Zapper

The ZapperMany people have questions about the "Zapper" . For this reason it has been prepared a site separate information on this subject here.

This site not only explains how did the zapper, but also its operation, use and "obstacles". A section is devoted to questions and answers, and more.

The most controversial subject: The Food

The food covers all that is living. It is the most important issue but it is also a very complicated and controversial issue . Relates to our physical and mental wellbeing or our diseases . Were invented hundreds of diets, lose weight than for those to stay healthy and there are many food groups, such as vegetarians, those vegans, raw foodists, macrobiotic, and so on . Despite all this interest and information about food, today there are more and more people suffering from allergies or intolerances .

In the past there was talk of food allergy rarely . Someone was allergic to a particular food, but it was quite rare to hear about "food intolerance". After all the food needed to feed ourselves, then how come you can become intolerant?

Our precious immune system

Our white blood cells are the immune system . Have a duty to protect us . The loss of immune power can not be perceptible . You can be a strong and healthy person in the prime of life and despite losing their immune power.

Liver flush improves eyesight

I wanted to let you know our experience with the liver cleanse. 4 days before he liver cleanse we zapped and took digestive enzymes one hour after zapping, wormwood and cloves after lunch and dinner. Saturday we finished the liver cleanse and by evening we were already in good shape, though slightly tired. Carlita and I noticed that we both could see better. 

Breast carcinoma with metastases at bones

58 years - surgeon 5 years ago breast cancer with metastases at first dorsal vertebra 3 years ago metastases at 1 and 2 dorsal vertebra started chemiotherapy 4 months ago because of widespread pain in the column with various metastases in the column, ribs, mediastinum and other bones. 3 months ago contacted Dr. S. A. and I began to wash myself with mineral water and more than 2 months ago Dr Albicocchi came to my house to advise all that was needed. I put a filter in my whole plumbing system, washed all my clothes and everything that came in contact with me without detergent and strictly obeyed the diet. 

Liverstone Photos 2014

New Liver/Gallstone Results - from our readers

Send in your results - we will be glad to put them online together with a lab report of the results. In this way you help us validate this precious and lifesaving cleanse.

Coxsackie virus

The following testimony is from a daughter of physicians, with an infection of the coxsackie virus not found through hospital analysis, despite having consulted more than 30 specialists, none of whom expressed a precise diagnosis because the clinical research did not highlight viral pathogens.

Gallbladder colics

With the new year, after 3 heavy colics where I ended up in hospital, I decided to proceed with the protocol of Dr. Clark. I took the parasite cleanse for 20 days and I did 4 liver cleanses. In general, the feeling after eating is to have no more sleepiness, feeling of general well-being has increased a lot, and I also seem to have more energy. I thank you for the advice, and I am very happy to have met a procedure so effective and powerful for my well-being and especially for my health.


Health problems since birth which no doctor could help

My problems started at birth diagnosed as aerophagia "air bubble" in the pit of my stomach. I must emphasize that my parents have never ceased to bring me to specialists to try to solve my problems. Nevertheless, the situation got worse until 1993, where together with strong intestinal colics with diarrhea and consequent weight loss, I had strong headaches 21 days a month, lasting up to 2 days and 2 nights. The remedies of traditional medicine have not improved the situation neither in relation to my intestinal problems, nor in relation to my migraine headaches, but rather, worsened them adding toxins procured from the drugs . 

cancer on nose

Ever since I have know the Clark therapy, I have always thought that if I had a serious problem I would have tried this method on myself and on my pets. A few weeks ago I received the opportunity to try it on my cat for a problem that would only worsen with time since her diagnosis was cancer of the nose with a plague on the palate and the remedy would have been the administration of cortisone. Before knowing that she had cancer, I gave her herbs thinking it was a common cold with phlegm and sneezing but there was no improvement not even by giving niacin to fludify the phlegm.

Benefits of liver cleansing

Floriana 45, I attended the liver cleanse weekend in April 2013 but I had already started treatment with ND Albicocchi November 2012, I have recovered a lot in health and energy. I started treatment after 7 months of total disappearance of the menstrual cycle, insomnia, fatigue and a lot of other disorders that are gradually disappearing. At first I had some fear doing the liver cleanse but after hearing the experiences of the other participants that were on their second cleanse, I calmed down.

Liver problems

Dear Dr. Silvia Albicocchi, with this note I would like to testify my gratitude for having been able with your therapies, to reduce the level of the parameter known as "gamma GT" which resulted after having contracted a form of Hepatitis A years ago, and which remained at levels considered dangerous, despite different attempts by "official medicine" to reduce its levels. A demonstration of the above statement you find in the blood tests of the last 4 years that I send attached. I have done 2 liver cleanses, one in 2013 and the second in March 2014.

Best regards GF

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