Health problems since birth which no doctor could help

My problems started at birth diagnosed as aerophagia "air bubble" in the pit of my stomach. I must emphasize that my parents have never ceased to bring me to specialists to try to solve my problems. Nevertheless, the situation got worse until 1993, where together with strong intestinal colics with diarrhea and consequent weight loss, I had strong headaches 21 days a month, lasting up to 2 days and 2 nights. The remedies of traditional medicine have not improved the situation neither in relation to my intestinal problems, nor in relation to my migraine headaches, but rather, worsened them adding toxins procured from the drugs . 

My doctor was very honest in telling me to try alternative medicine because he had tried all conventional means to him available without success. Also experiences with homeopathy and naturopathy did not yielded the desired results because probably not organized by a rational program: Intolerances emerged that inexplicably multiplied and diversified at each new appointment without any tangible result. Last year, a friend told me about the Clark method and put me in contact with Dr. Silvia Albicocchi: this is the way I started my adventure.

The protocol began with the parasite cleanse, since the first analysis with the Physiospect showed that parasites were 57% in excess of normal and already from the very first weeks, the atavistic abdominal swelling decreased and thed migraine headaches "disappeared." The data were confirmed by the analysis carried out by the same doctor on the saliva, from which she was able to identify the different species of parasites. Soon the cause of all my old problems was clarified and I would like to point out, that in my whole lifetime, no medical doctor thought to do a stoold culture of my feces. Afer the parasite cleanse, I did the kidney cleanse three times, the mop-up program for ascaris and tapeworms, the liver cleanse done in San Marina, supervised by Dr. Albicocchi together with Dr. Stefano Lautieri and the bowel program. I would like to add that each therapy was accompanied by the constant use of the zapper, which is of extraordinary effectiveness. In particular the liver cleanse merits a few extra words, which was supported by other devices and an accurate diet from Dr. Albicocchi made from blended fruit and vegetables and delicacies with rice and vegetables, which contributed to a general well-being. I expelled little green pebble liver stones, but since I am only at the beginning I expect to see more in the next cleanses. I am aware that my recovery path will still take a while, but I can say without doubt that it is the best and most effective treatment that I have ever undergone. N.C.

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