Avoided double by-pass

Dear Cristina, in a mail from you dated 10 Febr. 2013 you told me something about Chelation Therapy. I researched it on google and found good information. Also, my husband, who suffered a heart attack, and was about to enter the hospital in Lucerne Switzerland for a double bypass, read up on it. We contacted one of the chelation therapists, Dr. Kessler who practices in Lucerne. He said the treatment would be very good in itself. But if it would work without surgery, he did not know. He told us to contact a heart specialist in Hirslanden Clinic, Lucerne, for more details. 


With regard to herpes, I zapped 2 times the three sessions and yesterday I went to the beach: herpes has dried completely! See you soon Gabriella

Cousin of Hulda

Hi Again, Hulda's info helps, and I have done a parasite cleanse in the past and currently use vitamin and mineral supplements with a healthier diet. This works ... and all last year, and so far this year, have NOT needed to see any medical doctors nor get any prescriptions. Not even a prescription for antibiotics for a cold because cold did not infect in lungs and was only a minor inconvenience for about 2 days. This is something to be thankful for when over 60 years old :) God bless your organization, and i wish Hulda was still here so that i could contact her and thank her personally. I am Hulda's cousin and appreciate all the info still being received.

Best Regards, K.R.M.S.

Benefits with zapping

A list of the benefits that I had with the zapper is - pyelonephritis, cystitis, dental inflammations, varicose veins / after 25 years of pain finally all gone /, colds and flu, inflammatory back pain, gastric reflux, vaginal bacteria. MG

Parasite cleanse

Switzerland I did the parasite cleanse. I feel so much better, lighter, and even my bowel and bladder problems seem to have improved. . TT

Prostate adenoma

I want to tell my story about the care of Dr. Albicocchi and the Clark method. It is since a long time that I had to get up 5 to 10 times per night, having a prostate adenoma . In addition to this condition, I had been losing weight and had no appetite and no strength. I am 85 years old. I was in a Spa in Riolo Italy where I benefited in some way from the diets and mud wraps described by Dr. Sangiorgi , but the recovery was too slow. It was there that I learned about Dr. Albicocchi . 

Creatinine regulation

The creatinine could not be regularized with any treatment, but it settled with the Clark protocol and the use of the device Physiospect.

Liver cleanse outcome

"I could not quite believe that I could actually get stones out before doing the liver cleanse although I had seen similar pictures posted by others on the net. So I was quite amazed when I did. This encourages me to go on as long as necessary to get all the 2000 to 3000 stones out that Dr. Clark thought should come out before we stop. A friend of mine has just come down with breast cancer. As soon as she saw the picture of my stones she wanted to do it as well. So I hope this will help her and others whose health has been compromised."

Diabetes and zapper

Hi Cristina, I am pleased to send you a history case of diabetes solved by using only the Zapper. From the Program Driver card “diabetes” I prepared a specific variant for my patient and these are the results.
November 2012 glycosylated 9,00
December 1st, begin of the cure with two zapping sessions for a total of 85 minutes a day for 60 days.
January 2013 glycosylated 7,20
Continuation with 1 zapper session a day of 45 minutes for 60 days
From March 2013 60 minutes continuous zapping every second day
July 2013 glycosylated 6,70
The patient has used digestive enzymes after lunch and dinner (4 caps) for the first two months . He took vitamin B6 and Chromium for the first month I enclose the laboratory tests. greetings Massimo

Melanoma - kidney and liver cleanses

Have been doing liver and kidney cleanses for 18 yrs. I have reduced the melanoma to nearly nothing.

Improvement with parasite cleanse

Dear Marina, I simply wanted to thank you and all those who work to promote Dr. Clark’s products since, after years in which no doctor has ever been able to identify the cause of my illness and diagnose any sort of illness / disease / syndrome, I have improved considerably with the parasite cleanse.. to the point that I almost do not believe it! In this regard, my aunt was so pleasantly influenced by my experience, and convinced of their effectiveness, has asked me to order your Clark products for the reactivation of the white blood cells: as you see, I'm doing proselytism !!! Renewed thanks, I wish you Marina a good day Sincerely Alessandro

No more migraines and headaches

I did the liver cleanse for the third time with the epsom salts and cleaned out my intestine (with coffee enemas bio) and I immediately noticed improvements from the first time I did it. No more migraines and headaches and almost no more annoying cervical headaches. So I feel very, very well, although I was not very convinced at first ... but thanks to my wife today I feel a lot better ... giuseppe

Zapper, pain and swelling

hi, I bought the zapper and after only 3 days of use it has eliminated pain and swelling, I will keep in touch with whatever happens but so far so good Angelika

VariGamma, fibromyalgie, intertrigo

I have started to use that VariGamma and to feel its first benefits in terms of increased energy and less joint pain (I have fibromyalgia). I renew my interest in the seminars . Thanks again. Greetings and see you soon. I authorize you to use my previous testimony, to which I would like to add that the improvements continue. The problem of intertrigo that haunted me for two years, has disappeared almost completely. For the moment I’m only using standard zapping and continuous zapping but I would like to experiment with a customized driver card. A warm thanks Lilliana

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