F.A.Q.'s Frequently Asked Questions in Regards to the Liver Cleanse

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Q:  Can one do the liver cleanse even though the gallbladder has been removed?

A: Yes, liver stones are eliminated even without a gallbladder. This shows that liver stones are formed in the liver.

Q: I have expelled liver stones that were not seen on the X-ray. Is this possible?

A: Yes, the majority of liver stones are small and not calcified and for this reason it is difficult to see them on the X-ray

Q: Is it possible that a stone gets “stuck” in a bile duct during the liver cleanse

A: A small risk does exist but this happens rarely as the Epsom salts dilate the bile ducts and the  stones slide smoothly towards the exit. It is important to follow the instructions accurately.

Q: I’m not able to drink the Epsom salts. What can I do?

A: You can now find the Epsom salts in capsules in order to avoid the bitter taste.

Q: After the liver cleanse I have flatulences and intestinal bloating. Is this normal?

A: The bile and liver stones bring bacteria, viruses and parasites with them that pass through the liver. These can end up in the intestine if they are not expelled completely through the liver cleanse. It is important to ozonate the olive oil in order to have an anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-parasitical effect.

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