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The beginner section deals with the basic Dr. Clark cleanses. By doing the Clark cleanses you will be:

  • Removing parasites
  • Removing and dissolving kidney stones
  • Removing liver and gallstones
  • Removing harmful enteric bacteria
  • Removing ascaris and tapeworm that can cause harmful things.

Dr. Clark claimed that killing parasites, removing pollutants and clearing gall­stones and kidney stones from your body is a powerful combi­nation of treatments. It is so powerful you can change yourself into a new person in half a year. And then go on improving for years more.

Killing parasites, removing pollutants and clearing gallstones and kidney stones from your body is a powerful combination of treatments.

The cleanses as powerful as they are, are part of Dr. Clark’s basic protocol and must be done with electrotherapy (zapping) and the environmental clean-ups in order to receive the best benefits.

Dr. Clark’s success lies in the fact that she realized that there is not a single cause for a single disease, nor does one substance remove a disease. This is the reason for her multi-factor approach in eliminating all obstacles that undermine our immune system.
These obstacles are eliminated internally by the cleanses and zapping and externally by removal of toxins from our food, water, house, body and teeth.

In this section you find the basic Dr. Clark cleanses which include:

  • The parasite cleanse
  • The kidney cleanse
  • The liver cleanse
  • The bowel program
  • The mop-up program (ascaris & tapeworm)

In the advanced section you find other essential cleanses mentioned in Dr. Clark’s more recent books.

Digestion is the basis of your whole health – Dr. Hulda Clark

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