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The Center is established exclusively for charitable, educational, literary and scientific research purposes.

The mission of the Center is to:

  1. support research, data mining and other efforts to understand and disseminate the work of Dr. Hulda Clark
  2. help develop from the published writings of Dr. Clark (in an appropriate multidisciplinary and professional context) recommended treatment and therapy protocols, albeit bound by the rule of, "First do not harm"
  3. help train healthcare professionals and self care individuals on the research and methods of Dr. Clark
  4. create a public awareness campaign to inform people of the owrk and research of Dr. Clark
  5. provide facilities, on a not for profit basis, for the cooperative distribution of such information
  6. support current and ongoing research in areas of genetics, biomechanics, bioenergetics and nutrition, as a private international association for achieving and maintian wellness, advocate treatments, therapies and detection methods consistent with the writing of Dr. Clark.

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