Rev. Dr. Dale Halle D.M.

Company: The Center of Hope Tucson
4891 N. Lak A Yucca Rd.
Country: USA
Phone Number: 520 - 270 - 1312
Description of Services:
I have been and am a firm believer of Dr. Clarks principles, protocols and recipes.
I have and continue to use these for myself from time to time, more importantly, as I work with more and more clients that need Dr. Clark's wisdom, guidance and direction I suggest the purchase of her writings and we outline a plan to help these clients to better understanding and to better Health. I Dowse on each individual to get a specific schedule for zapping etc.
As a Medical Dowser, I am lead to very specific information regarding All parts, pieces and components of the Human body, infection, parasites deficiencies etc. etc. are all identified, and a plan formulated.
I am also lead to very specific remedies and solutions. Many times, Dr. Clark's solutions. 
I am not a licensed therapist, but a Dr. of Metaphysics"


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