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CkarK Zapper
Clark Zapper

Der Zapper ist ein weltweit bekanntes Therapiegerät, das von Dr. Clark erfunden wurde. Es tötet kleine Mikroorganismen sowie Parasiten und gibt unseren weißen Blutkörperchen Energie. Um mehr über den Zapper zu erfahren, klicken Sie hier:

Krankheiten und Protokolle
Krankheiten und Protokolle

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Dr. Clark u.a. zu den Themen Krebs und HIV.

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Dear Dr. Clark's Team,

I'm just another one of the countless people Dr. Clark helped in some way. I've never had cancer, but my father did, and considered Dr. Clark's protocol on parasites to have been key in his recovery. He introduced Dr. Clark and her books to me.

I've since recommended them to many people and used the parasite cleanse after returning from overseas.
I was very saddened to hear of her death and grieved that the world has lost not only an awesome researcher and her knowledge of healing, but one with such amazing integrity, humility and concern for all mankind.  The fact that she shared her findings freely with the world, encouraged self-treatment through your own common sense and research, and treated lay people with courtesy and respect was incredible and unique in the field of doctors and research.
There are a few doctors who care about people enough to donate their talents to help the poor, but none who set aside the enormous amount of money she obviously could have made, and shared what she knew - because of her passion for truth and concern for people.  To make such healing knowledge available for the asking in this world of greed and selfishness, is nothing short of astounding. 

I must admit I am distressed about the cause of her death.  I haven't heard much about it, and the obvious question that must be on many people's minds, is, exactly what happened, and why she was unable to somehow heal her own body, after healing so many others. 
I mean no disrespect and have no desire to cause her family more pain, but I am wondering - is it possible for you to share details of her passing, and theories of what caused her demise?
Also, I have always been curious about her family and personal life, and her religious beliefs.  Because she was an incredibly unusual person, to make an understatement, and brought such key information to the world - what will  happen next, do you know? 

Does she have family who will safeguard her research, keep it freely available and carry on the torch?  Will someone close to her write a detailed and honest biography?
If you are able to answer these questions, I would be most grateful. If not, I understand and ask forgiveness if I have invaded privacy or disturbed her family. 
Thank you very much.
O. H.

A grateful Layperson who greatly benefited from her life.

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