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Hi Cristina ,
Hope you had a nice Chrismas,you and all the team !

I am so happy,I have no more metal in my mouth,the tooth infected is now history, now I have to take some apointments with him and take care of some teeth with cavities. My dentist  is always open to read new infos to perform his tasks.

I tried Iodine for mouthwash and it's very effective. I am trying the best of my knowledge to do a follow up  of my dentist approach on Dr Clark's protocol....if he passes my tests,with your help and advice,he could be a good holistic dentist for people in my area. I am happy about the results at this time.

I will continue to keep you inform....PS :My lipoma is gone on my left arm,it just disappeared.

To all the team...Happy new year !!


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