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CkarK Zapper
Clark Zapper

Der Zapper ist ein weltweit bekanntes Therapiegerät, das von Dr. Clark erfunden wurde. Es tötet kleine Mikroorganismen sowie Parasiten und gibt unseren weißen Blutkörperchen Energie. Um mehr über den Zapper zu erfahren, klicken Sie hier:

Krankheiten und Protokolle
Krankheiten und Protokolle

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Dr. Clark u.a. zu den Themen Krebs und HIV.

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Dear Dr. Clark Information Team, Approximately 12 years ago, I had a UTI that doctors could not cure. I was prescribed antibiotics twice with no relief. I searched for alternatives. The infection got so bad, the skin on my eyelids hardened from lack of vitamin A. I tried tea tree oil internally. It was a bad idea, It didn't help my infection and it depleted my intestinal flora. I was pretty scared and out of ideas. Then I found Dr.Clark. She saved me. I started zapping and got immediate relief. About 4 and a half years ago I experienced a significant diminishment in my ability to smell and taste. I was alarmed. I tried conventional doctors, but I couldn't get through an MRI. They had no explanation for my symptoms. I was pretty sure I was headed for surgery and worse. Then I remembered Dr. Clark. I did the 4, clean ups. I bypassed my water softener. I'm on a well so I had no worries about bleach. I started losing weight. Took me a year, but I finally removed my 2 crowned first molars. I did the kidney cleanse then drank the kidney herbs daily. I did the herbal parasite cleanse, tried several herbs, bought a syncrometer, read and reread all Dr. Clarks books. Then I started plate zapping. I got several bottle copies and the tooth zappicator. the zapping was effective, but the problem kept returning until the crowns and my old amalgams were removed/replaced. Then I started getting better. I followed Dr. Clarks zapping protocol. I had to zap every day to keep up for a while. Now I zap a couple times a week. I am much better and hope to clear it all soon. Then I'll maintenance zap. I was unable to devote long hours to zapping because I had to work to maintain my income, that’s why it has taken so long. I kept remembering what Hulda Clark wrote..".pretty soon your problems will be a distant memory". She was right. I am unable to express how grateful I am that Dr. Clark has shared her research with everyone. She was truly a great person. Like i said, she saved me. I hope and pray that the world will wake up and to Hulda Clark. Sincerely, L.B.

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