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Quick reductions in HIV count

You cannot believe how VERY happy I feel to be able to write to you about my close friend's incredible quick reductions in HIV after using Dr. Clark's protocol! That very quick reduction in HIV-count was beyond my expectations, as I thought certainly Dr. Clark must be wrong in her assertions that HIV count would quickly reduce after cleansing of thymus gland....so even though I was the one "pushing" and prompting my friend to at least try Dr. Clark's protocol, I was a bit sceptical that such dramatic reduction would occur in my friend who had obviously had some serious problems related to health, not just the two crainiotomies; so in considering his recovery from 'advanced "AIDS" ' which was for over TEN YEARS per his internist, and following two serious and taxing surgeries which had already seriously depleted any "reserves" he may have had, well, that recovery was even more dramatic appreciating his age; and I also did not tell you he had terrible case of molluscum contagiousum, too, on his face, which after treatments and removal have never returned, either!

I have been meaning to write to Dr. Clark, actually have a letter, but did not send, thinking maybe I was being too quick to make assessment on his ostensible recovery. I was reluctant to send her a letter, also because I had not read any other testimonies regarding recovery from 'advanced AIDS'. You are blessed to be supporting such a wonderful humanitarian!

We are so profoundly fortunate, also, to have learned about Dr. Clark, actually it was a review of her book and ideas in 'THE CURE FOR ALL CANCERS', having heard that, I think, on KPFK 90.7FM PACIFICA RADIO, and that was a number of years ago; so after hearing that discussion, first I bought that book for myself, being curious, and then bought it for my sister and my step-Mother, too! So, I never would have thought that I would be buying her book re: "AIDS" for my close friend just several years later!

Have a GREAT day, David!

Sincerely, S

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