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Anyway, not to waste time, I’ll go straight to the heart of the matter.

Some time ago I bought the zapper with the program key for skin problems and I tried it on my dog .

She had a severe form of red scabies (Demodex mite) and it would not go away, not even with the strongest medical treatments… until one day she got intoxicated by dint of taking these poisons, and from then on I started her on the Clark therapy with the zapper .. I am doing one day with the normal program and one day with program driver skin (one every day), and now it looks like she’s much better… the spots are disappearing little by little.

You may very well use my testimony (in fact I see the positive experiences described by patients, from an email that I received), though I must say that, before using the zapper, my she-dog had been doing at least one month of “traditional” treatments with a very powerful poison… So in the end one could also argue that perhaps she would have improved even without zapping…

Today my wife took the dog to the veterinarian for the slide microscope test to see if the mite Demodex was still present in some way ... result: NEGATIVE ... she is fully recovered 

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