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Der Zapper ist ein weltweit bekanntes Therapiegerät, das von Dr. Clark erfunden wurde. Es tötet kleine Mikroorganismen sowie Parasiten und gibt unseren weißen Blutkörperchen Energie. Um mehr über den Zapper zu erfahren, klicken Sie hier:

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I have been using the Zapper for about I think a year now. 

I have been suffering with fibromalagia for about 3 years.  I tried many herbs and cleansing programs to kill parasites, and candida.  I would start feeling better then after about two weeks I would start feeling worse.  Once I discovered your machine (I purchased it through a health store) I started using immediately.

I was zapping myself all day long, and at first I started to not feel so good.  It was explained to me that it was the die off so I started taking enzymes to help dissolve the parasites garbage they were excreting when they were killed. 

I have discovered a interesting thing, I also suffered with fibroid pain in my uterus, but I really now believe it is parasites living in there.  I notice when I eat something very spicy, the next day my uterus hurts,  I thought at first it was the spicy food.  But since those little bugs love to live in the intestinal track, I figure they don't like the hot environment.  So they work their way up to my uterus and cause tremendous pain for me.  Let me tell you, without your machine I would be not be able to function.  I am very dependant on it, and I find if I do not keep up with a regular use of zapping, I get very sick again.  I pray one day I will not have to depend on it, but it may take me years to correct the damage I did to my body while working in the beauty industry toxic environment. 

If you can give me any feedback I would appreciate it.  Also because of this experience with this machine,  I wonder if it is possible to become a distributor of it.  I know there are lawsuits accusing you that this machine is quackery, but I know it isn't.  Because of my health problems I have found it very difficult to support myself financially.  Today I woke up, and had this moment of realisation that this machine has saved my life, and I truly would like to share this miracle with others.  Of course, because of my situation, I need a way to make a living also.

I work for the company that I bought the machine for, but it quite ironic, that these people I feel, and I am not the only one who feels this way. 

Because of the unreasonable stress and expectation of the owner,  I am actually getting worse medically.  So I feel eventually I will have to quit working for her, and that is very frightening. 

So I am writing you to thank you for my life back, but also I wonder if somehow I can become involved in this company, because it's really hard to put into words how I feel. 

I hope you understand that I am a sincere woman, who has suffered greatly, and feels like I can do more for people like me, and be able to support myself, so I can recover completely.  I know this is a long email, but today, was a real message from my angels. 

To write you, and offer my help to you, and you me.  Thank you so much, for being a true earth angel to many sick people.  I know this machine is real, and it's my hope for freedom one day. 

Thank you again,

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