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In the GENERAL INFORMATION of the beginner's section, it explains  that most pathogens and toxins come into us through food and water.

This is the reason why this section discusses how to sterilize water and food.

The advanced section discusses food allergens, how we become allergic to food and the organ-food relationship.

Food Sanitizers

We have been wading in filth—our own, our animals’, and others’—and unbeknown to us, in radioactivity. We are wading in toxins: metals, solvents, and dyes. But it "looks" clean and safe enough to us and we might think, "With a shiny floor and gleaming glasses on the table, what could go wrong? Surely it can’t be so significant." Shine and spot-free gleam is quite deceptive. When cows were milked by hand, you could see any filth and remove it. When potatoes were peeled by hand you could see the fungus (Potato Ring Rot) and cut it away. Now milking machines cover up filth, traumatize the udder, and bring a higher incidence of Staph infected cows, all dealt with by increased antibiotic use.

Potato peeling machines care nothing about the fungus inside. And potatoes left unpeeled for "better nutrition" hide it all. Yet that has become the AIDS-fungus.

The ancient ways were washing, cooking, baking, pickling, drying, frying! They made food more edible and quite sanitary in times when toxicity did not play a big role. Disease germs were not known although they might have been called "evil vapors" at that time. Yet, people certainly knew that filth was linked to illness.
Recently, we have begun grilling and microwaving. It is a huge experiment in overheating food. It should be watched closely. This denatures the food more than before so more minerals are oxidized to toxic metals. These metals feed our pathogens. It is happening on a global scale.

Neither of these methods is a solution for our immunodepressed society. We need food with undetectable Salmonella and E. coli by Syncrometer® standards  (10-15) compared to regular standards (about 10-8).

Healthy people do not appear to get sick from regular standards, but very sick people get immediately better when using Syncrometer® standards. It suggests a subtle influence of plain filth on our immune status.

There are only a sprinkling of bacteria in your salt, flour, rice, sugar, beans, pills, peanut butter, ultra pasteurized milk, canned goods, baked goods, and manufactured supplements. There will be none detectable after using our special freezing method. Ultraviolet treatment also promises us total disinfection but has not been made safe enough for public use yet. Cancer patients benefit immediately from this level of sanitation and all their setbacks are due to accidentally eating a few filth bacteria, E. coli, again.

Food Sanitizers

  • Super freezing
  • Ultraviolet treatment
  • Lugol's Rinse
  • Hcl
  • Hot Water
  • Zappication
  • Ozonation
  • Sonication

Super freezing

With this method there is nothing to add or turn on. Just open the lid and put inside your bag of supplements or flour or beans. Leave it there for 24 hours or till no E. coli or Salmonella can be found by Syncrometer® testing. Ascaris eggs and tapeworm eggs will be destroyed. In 2 or 3 days your stomach will feel better than in a long time. You must have a freezer thermometer for this and it must go down to -20˚ F or colder! Keep it there without interruption for 24 hours, no less! Freezing does nothing but KILL invaders, it does not detoxify. Don’t crowd or overfill the freezer. Buy a self-defrosting one or attach a timer to the electric cord, to defrost once a week.

(From the "Cure and Prevention of all Cancers; page 545-547; Copyright)

Ultraviolet treatment

Ultraviolet includes the colors beyond violet. The wavelengths here are shorter than elsewhere. They are divided into A, B, and C, with C being the shortest at 254 nm. This short wavelength kills bacteria and viruses but you must be close enough to the bulb. Having 2 bulbs, each 20 watts, gives you 40 watts of power, enough to kill any bacteria quickly. But you must still find out for yourself, how high up or how far away the lamp can be and still be lethal in a convenient time.

Check if your vitamins are still there at the end. Do not take the disinfecting action for granted, you must find your distance from the lamp and time spent under it to be effective. The Salmonella and E. coli must be gone for proof of effectiveness at different settings. Be careful to obey the safety rules for all UV light, not to look at it directly, nor to allow children near the lamp. Make an enclosure for the lamp with lockable doors to guarantee safety. If you can’t be in charge or children are about, it would be best to leave this one out. It is very convenient to dump all your groceries under the lamp for 15 minutes, then carry them all to the sink, or to set a plateful of food under the lamp for 10 minutes. But it does not penetrate dried foods or capsules of supplements.

(From the "Cure and Prevention of all Cancers; page 555; Copyright)

Lugol's RInse

Lugol's iodine has been used for decades by travelers to foreign lands to wash their fruit and vegetables. We never thought our food in the United States could be so filthy it required iodine treatment. But it is by far the most efficient "sterilizer" no matter what the level of filth. When animal refuse is used as fertilizer or produce is grown in distant countries where different diseases abound, I would feel much safer with my trusty iodine bottle always handy. Whether I am cooking or eating I can always sanitize most food in minutes.

  • Lugol's iodine solution (see Recipes, page 554)
  • water

Fill a sink or a bowl with a measured amount of water. Draw a line here, so future treatments do not require measuring again. Add one drop Lugol's per quart (or liter) of water. Dip lettuce, spinach and any other produce so everything is well wetted for one minute or more. Rinsing is optional. (Eating traces of iodine is not harmfiil, but iodine is powerful so do not add it directly to the food on your plate or your beverages; it would destroy some food value and eventually become toxic.) Do not save the water for later use-it will lose its potency. If you wash so many vegetables that you can no longer see the color of the iodine it has lost its effectiveness. Add another drop.

Keep Lugol's out of reach of children. Keep it in small ('/z oz.) dropper bottles as further protection against accidental overdose.

If your Lugol's was not made from scratch, it will probably have wood alcohol or isopropyl alcohol pollution. Be sure to order the dry compounds, not a ready made solution. Your local pharmacist would be glad to help. You will only need diet scales, plastic spoon and cup.

Lugol's iodine can "crawl" out of its bottle even when it is tightly closed! It can stain the sink and counter top. If this happens use vitamin C immediately to make it colorless, then wipe away.

(from "The Prevention of al Cancers", page 517; Copyright notice)

HCl Food Sanitizer (5% USP)

  • I drop per cup water

Immerse produce. Agitate food well. Let stand several minutes. No need to rinse; this is edible (but don't put it directly in your mouth).

To kill most bacteria and parasite eggs, and to destroy traces of benzene and PCBs, add several drops directly to any food. Stir the food with a non-metal (hardened plastic) utensil while adding. Although 1 drop per cup is enough for clear liquids, three drops is safer when particles are present or the food is solid. Do not exceed 15 drops per meal, not counting food preparation.

(from "The Prevention of all Cancers", page 520; Copyright notice)

Hot water washes

Produce has been sprayed a number of times. More laundry bleach with its 5 immune destroyers gets stuck each time. Along with these come asbestos shreds from the conveyor belt, and a waxy coating dried onto the produce with hot air blasts. The result is a coating of PCBs, benzene, asbestos, azo dyes, heavy metals, malonic acid, motor oil, wheel bearing grease, and often water softener salts with uranium.

Run the hottest water you can from your faucet into a large stainless steel bowl used only for this purpose. Add all the produce so it is immersed. After 1 minute, dump it all, rinse everything and repeat. If the fruit has small milky-white patches on it, throw it away; it is pesticide residue.

This will not clean up waxed produce. Do not purchase such food. Certain foods show deep penetration of chemicals and should have 3 hot washes with drying in between. Examples are potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes. They still need testing. Purchase from farmers' markets instead, if you can be assured it has not been sprayed against sprouting.

Dried produce needs 2 hot washes as well, such as beans, rice, grains, lentils.

It is convenient to sanitize your produce right after hot washing, using a few drops of Lugol's, HCI, or by ozonating.

So far, we have discussed ways to kill the living invaders in our food. They don't come separate from the nonliving things-the toxins-things that our ancestors did not have to worry about. Now they are always mixed. No single method can do everything. Zappicating food has been added to reduce toxicity, and to improve its biological value. It is a magnetic treatment.

(from "The Prevention of Cancers", page 522; Copyright notice)


Water that is simply zapped gets electrical energy, just a voltage, impressed on it. We know, from bottle-copying, that water can hold very many frequencies of electrical energy. Food and our bodies are mainly water. Is it the same in food? Such research is badly needed.

Food that is simply put in a magnetic field has magnetic forces impressed on it. We can see that from making north and south polarized water.

Electrical energy even generates magnetic energy and vice versa, so we always receive a dose of both even when only one kind is applied. This, too, needs much more research in our bodies and food.

A third form of energy is physical, as our ears can sense when waves of air pressure reach them. Here we know that frequency is very important because it makes different sounds. Our ears can only hear sound when the frequency is under 20,000 Hz.

The zappicator combines 3 kinds of energy and delivers them at the same frequency. The voltage from a zapper is attached to an electro magnet which exudes its own magnetic field while pushing a diaphragm back and forth to create a physical effect at the same frequency. What does that do to food? A few things have been noticed, so far:

  1. It changes the angle of light that is passing through each molecule of food further to the left if an amino acid is zappicated. The d-amino acids are changed to l-amino acids this way. Remember, the body considers d-amino acids as allergens; it only uses l-forms itself. The food has been improved, not so allergenic, before you eat it. Of course. changes can come after you eat it. It could change back to a d-form in a southerly zone.
  2. It changes the polarization of the food to north, if the north side of the magnet faces the food. Food has been made "fresher".
  3. Most bacteria, viruses and parasite eggs can't be detected afterwards. Were their growing points disabled by being turned northerly? This could be temporary, if it is reversible, but still useful.
  4. Benzene gets oxidized to phenol, at least at trace levels. PCBs disappear, no doubt slightly changed, an important step. nevertheless.
  5. Phenolic food antigens disappear if the correct frequency is used. Many are affected between 1000 and 1010 Hz. Perhaps they were oxidized further. The body could choose to reduce them again or make something equally toxic, but the ability to make food less allergenic beckons again.
  6. A zappicator placed on plastic teeth in your mouth, instead of food, stops seeping of plastic, dyes, or malonic acid from them. Did it complete the polymerization process, or harden it all in some other way?
  7. Placed on a cancerous lump on the skin, it seems to shrink in 24 hours. But much more improvement is needed in strength of magnet, and protection from stray south fields before you could experiment safely.
  8. Finally, food seems to taste better. Maybe changing d- to l-amino acids or alpha to beta forms or L- to D-sugars can be tasted. These are all effects of zappication. Only more research can tell us

Again, we must not demonize the opposite polarization. It is part of us, too, just as the seed belongs to the fruit. But much greater care is needed in handling south pole forces. Notice how nature has its south pole seed securely encased. Don't do south polarization experiments till you have gained much experience with northerly ones.

Research on food and water. .. finding what is good for us and what is bad, has barely begun. Food is fascinating, all the more when we're hungry. As a species we are very hungry. Perhaps we would only need half as much food if it was correctly polarized for our bodies, and at the same time give us much more energy than we have now. With these purposes in mind, make yourself a zappicator (page 493) but don't throw away the Ancient Ways yet. Don't rely solely on new ways.

Zappicate food 10 minutes. Zappicate eggs and dairy foods 15 minutes or more. Check the polarity of your zappicator with a compass once a week. Some magnets can change their polarity by being heated, dropped, or wetted. Best of all, test the results in your food with a Syncrometer~.

(from "the Prevention of all Cancers", page 523; Copyright notice)


Ozone can kill bacteria and viruses in food and beverages with surprising speed. In less than 10 minutes all the food in your refrigerator could be sterilized. You simply place it all in a plastic bag so the ozone can build up a slight pressure. This pressure will push it to the bottom of a quart container, right through a stick of butter, and right through meat. Of course the containers or packaging should be open to allow the ozone to enter.

The advantage of ozone, besides speed, is that it turns into oxygen and water, leaving no toxicity behind.

Another advantage is that it can do oxidizing chemistry, although this takes more than 10 minutes. The Syncrometer10 shows that the estrogens in dairy products (estrone, estriole and estradiol) are destroyed in 15 minutes. Azo dyes sprayed on meats can be destroyed in 15 to 20 minutes. And many phenolic food substances can be destroyed in 15 minutes as well.

Ozone has great penetrating power which Lugol's does not. Lugol's has great attaching ability so surfaces are immediately sterilized. Lugol's does not penetrate. Each property has special value.

Persons who are allergic to iodine should not use Lugol's. Such allergies develop after a large dose of it has been injected as part of a kidney or thyroid scan. The doctor will warn you about it afterwards. If you are unsure, you could call your doctor's office to check your record.

Sanitizing with ozone only takes 7 minutes. Safety from dyes and other chemicals, including chlorine, takes 10 to 20 minutes. But metals cannot be destroyed. They will always be metals, even though they become oxidized metals. Can motor oil, wheel bearing grease, and PCBs be ozonated? This has not yet been tried.

Safety from heavy metals is not possible by ozonating them.

After turning off the ozonator, the packages and containers should be closed again. Ozonation continues, on its own, for about 10 more minutes, even while refrigerated.

Immunodepressed persons should ozonate all their food for its sanitizing effect. Excess ozone flavor can be blown away as the food is warmed later. Flavor changes can be compensated with spices and can be reduced by ozonating a shorter time.

Do not ozonate supplements, medicines, or herbs.

(from "The Prevention of all Cancers", page 518; Copyright notice)

What a Sonicator can do

Ultrasonic cleaners have been in use many decades. They are used to clean scientific instruments, even glassware, to a level not possible any other way. Sonicators can be bought in the form of jewelry

cleaners. When jewelry is being cleaned, even the oily film of fingerprints comes off. We will use an ordinary jewelry cleaner, of a good size, but with water for the immersion fluid, not a solvent.

The food is placed in a plastic bag and lowered into the tank of water. The unit is turned on for five minutes.

Even PCB and benzene can be removed. In fact, these are chemically destroyed as well! The pounding action of water as a very fine tremor-activity evidently oxidizes the benzene, because the Syncrometer detects its oxidation product, phenol, after five minutes. Another five minutes of sonication destroys even the phenol. Perhaps the same kind of action destroys PCBs because they "disappear", too. Asbestos also "disappears", presumably shattered. Food that is eaten after it is sonicated for benzene, PCBs and asbestos does not show up in the immune system; this is my guide to toxicity. It is no longer toxic.

But metals cannot be destroyed by sonication. They are elements; their form may be changed to an oxidized or hydrolyzed form, but this does not change the fact that a metal is present. Lanthanide metals are not destroyed either. Only hot water washes can remove these. Azo dyes as a group cannot be destroyed by sonication either. You must rely on hot water washing for these ultra-important immune system toxins.

You can rely on sonication to destroy parasites, their stages, and bacteria even if they are deeply imbedded in meats, bones, or inside cans or packages. Viruses and prions will disappear, too, evidently disrupted by the same shaking action.

Molds on food, together with mycotoxins, are also shaken off and destroyed.

Tiny bits of pituitary gland and hypothalamus that float in eggs and dairy foods are destroyed in 10 minutes, slightly longer than bacteria.

Long sonication can destroy some food phenolics but cannot be relied on.

Large and small sonicators can be purchased from the Internet and from Sources; the 1'/2 gallon size is by far the most useful. A five-minute built-in timer is also a great time saver. Avoid the variety that strictly forbids touching the bottom of the tank.

Start with a general kitchen cleanup as soon as you get your sonicator. Clean up baby things first; babies are the most vulnerable. Shake all the PCBs off baby toys, baby bottles and nipples, even though they have already been used and washed. PCBs don't "go away" by washing, they only spread. Sonicate baby medicine, swabs, band-aids, toys. Sonicate your kitchen sponges, your toothbrush and comb, your dentures, and everything else that goes in your mouth (yes, even cigarettes).

(from "the Prevention of all Cancers", page 520; Copyright notice)



BACTERIA x x x x   x x x


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VIRUSES x   x x   x x x
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DYES         x   x  
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MOLD           x x x
MALONIC ACID         x      
ESTROGENS           x    
PHENOLICS           x x x



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