Dr. Clark’s liver cleanse has only four ingredients:

Epsom salts (bitter salts – magnesium sulphate):

  • Laxative function   - causing diarrhea – necessary condition in order to expel the bile stones
  • Dilate the bile vessels

Olive oil with the added pink grapefruit:

  • expulsion effect of the bile


  • natural sleeping pill
  • it helps the body free itself of eccess nitrogen 
  • protects the liver from damages caused by medicine or chemical substances and helps regenerate the liver


  • The day you decide  to do the liver cleanse, you will eat nothing that day that contains any type of fat. In this way your bile reserves will be retained.
  • The Epsom salts will then dilate the bile vessels and soften the intestinal contents
  • The olive oil mixture will trigger a pumping mechanism so that the gallbladder releases its reserve of bile that it had retained the whole day allowing the flowing of an enormous quantity of bile. This bile will bring stones with it that were blocked in the hepatic and cystic bile ducts
  • If the olive oil is ozonated it will have an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasitical effect. Ozonating the olive oil is very useful since bacteria, cysts, virus and parasites can stick to the bile stones, being porous,  while passing through the liver. Ozone has the property to kill these intruders and therefore avoid nests of bacterial infections.
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