It is very essential to remove heavy metals for the following purposes:

  • Heavy metals steal us of our youth, our health and longevity
  • Metals give us our illnesses
  • Kidneys clog with heavy metals.
  • Parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus feed on metals in order to stay alive and therefore just by harboring other creatures in us, we become a repository of all their metals.
  • Allergies are connected to heavy metals such as nickel. Nickel invites infection. It is important to remove nickel in order to remove  allergies.
  • Metals turn our organs southerly. Healthy organs are north.
  • Our white blood cells (WBCs) should eat heavy metals but if radioactivity is present,  WBCs lose their Vitamin C and cannot work.

There are several ways of removing heavy metals:

  1. Remember that you cannot take out what you are putting in so number one priority is to remove the source such as from dentalware, cookware, plastic ware used for food, eyeglass frames, wristwatches and jewelry, water pipes, and  water itself. The food zappicator removes traces of metals from food and the dental zappicator removes traces of metals in the dental area.
  2. Homeography
  3. Metal removal supplement program
  4. Magnets
  5. IVs


Look here for supplements that remove heavy metals

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