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Who was Dr. Clark

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Diseases And Protocols

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Asbestos is made of tiny spears with built-in iron. This south pole iron enters the WBCs (white blood cells) when it is eaten. Ferritin is produced, which is the storage molecule for iron.

Excessive amounts of ferritin coats the outside membrane of the WBCs so that WBCs stop eating. Tiniest amounts of asbestos turns water and our bodies southerly.

Main source:

  • Food such as sugar, comes off conveyor belts
  • Water
  • Clothes dryer belt and hairdryer
  • Paint on old radiators


  • Feed your WBCs with Rose Hip, Hydrangea and Selenium
  • Remove source of asbestos


Comes from old fridges , air-conditioning systems and spray cans


  • Drink ozonated water: 1 to 3 cups a day
  • Remove source
  • Drink the Liver Herb Tea
  • Take the Kidney Cleanse
  • It takes from 6 to 8 weeks to remove freon from the body


Comes from foam in new mattresses and couches and treated wooden furniture. It takes about 2 years to dissolve.


  • From insulation material in construction
  • Remove source


From gas leaks, furnace, water heater, in diesel fuel, in candles

Learn what Heavy Metals cause and which ones we should avoid

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