Cristina Carugati - Monica Innocenti Studio Quantum - SWITZERLAND

Company or Business Name: Studio Quantum
via Pessina 13
Country: Svizzera
Phone Number: +41 91 223 2005
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Description of Services:

Monica Innocenti e Cristina Carugati, due naturopate approvate svizzere, offrono le terapie manuali e naturopatiche. Presso di noi potete trovare il metodo della Dr. Clark in tutte le sue sfacccettature. Lavoriamo con vari apparecchi della biorisonanza, quali, il Bicom, il Physiospect, il Quantum Resonance Magnetic  Analyser, il Vega test e l'Elybra.  
Siamo sulla frontiera con l'Italia-Svizzera in Ticino.

Monica Innocenti and Cristina Carugati, two Swiss approved naturopaths, offer  manual and  naturopathic therapies. With us you can find  Dr. Clark's method in all its facets. We work with various bioresonance devices such as Bicom, Physiospect, Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyser, Vega test and Elybra. We are on the border between Switzerland (Ticino) and Italy.

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We are a non-profit organization and are financed in part by donations.
Our services are carried out by volunteers who give freely of their time.
We also make sure to provide you with free information material and books.
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