Hepatitis B is an infectious illness caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV) which infects the liver and causes an inflammation called hepatitis.Transmission of hepatitis B virus results from exposure to infectious blood or body fluids.

The acute illness causes liver inflammation, vomiting, jaundice and rarely, death. Chronic hepatitis B may eventually cause liver cirrhosis and liver cancer—a fatal disease with very poor response to current chemotherapy.

Hepatitis B virus is an hepadnavirus—Although replication takes place in the liver, the virus spreads to the blood where virus-specific proteins and their corresponding antibodies are found in infected people.

(Extract from The Prevention of all Cancers)

Hepatitis B - is connected to the human liver fluke and is triggered by umbelliferone, from the raw, common carrot. It is in the peel. Oats feed the liver fluke.

Hepatitis B can also be found alive inside E. coli


  • Avoid oats and umbelliferone found in carrots
  • Kill clonorchis (human liver fluke) with the parasite cleanse
  • Kill Clostridium with oregano oil, eucalyptus tea and birch bark tea
  • Drink milk thistle tea – 2 cups daily and Eucalyptus tea
  • Take digestive enzymes
  • Hepatitis B frequency: KHz 414 – 420.80
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