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Diseases And Protocols

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Search for acetyl choline and epinephrine at the cerebrum or whole brain slide. Both should be Positive for the alert state. If one or both are missing for more than a minute search for tryptophane, melatonin, prions, and wheel bearing grease at CSF, cerebrum, pineaL You could expect to see wheel bearing grease everywhere, preventing both neurotransmitters from being made or used. You could expect to see prions everywhere, disallowing neurotransmitters to be present. You could expect melatonin everywhere as though the patient were asleep. But if tryptophane is Positive search for liver failure. There should be no free tryptophane in the brain.

The most serious possibility is liver failure. If the liver has turned into an Aspergillus and/or Penicillium fungus bed, nothing can wait. If one or both fungi are at the left liver (or any other liver location), the metals: copper, cobalt, chromium, nickel would be there. Use take-out drops for each one immediately for every liver part, even when only 1 or 2 locations were tested. Give copper-take-out drops first, because that dispatches Penicillium by itself. Be sure the kidneys and their WBCs are being treated with take-out drops for heavy metals, too. If not, take them out immediately. If the kidneys are clogged with wheel bearing grease take this out at the same time. You cannot wait for DMSO action.

From the fungus take over of the liver, the usual consequence is aflatoxin production at the liver, which spreads in a few days to aflatoxin at other organs and the blood. This inhibits bilirubin oxidase so that bilirubin now builds up at liver and blood. Take aflatoxin out immediately at each liver location and blood. Do a blood test to monitor bilirubin. If not caught very early, the whites of eyes will turn yellowish.

Bilirubin oxidase can also be inhibited by Sudan Black dye or cobalt in the liver. Remove both at all parts if present. Liver failure can be happening aside from jaundice, due to cobalt. Cobalt inhibits the early (glycolysis) part of food utilization so the liver is starved of energy.

Search for fructose buildup at saliva and liver, more evidence for a liver block; it should not be Positive.

Regardless of the cause of liver failure, the result may be lost ability to use tryptophane. Protein can still be digested to make tryptophane but using it is a different, more difficult process. It should be used to make neurotransmitters. A build up is seen in blood, at liver, and in cerebrospinal fluid. Tryptophane is a somnolent, inducing sleep, regardless of the time of day. If this is seen, search for all these causes immediately, and also make drops to take-out tryptophane from CSF, to avoid coma.

Somnolence can be caused by excess melatonin, seen at saliva, blood, and CSF. It is being overproduced by the pineal gland. Search for heavy metals at pineal, especially nickel. Wheel bearing grease at pineal and its WBCs brings nickel and other toxins. Take each item out immediatelv. Also take DMSO, the usual ¼  tsp. in ½  cup water, to remove the grease or motor oil. Check for the same toxins at kidneys and kidney WBCs, taking them out at the same time. Test for melatonin reduction after one day. If somnolence continues and melatonin is still present on the second day, take it out directly at blood and CSF for one day at a time. Test each day, otherwise you could bring about insomnia. If somnolence continues search for cobalt or nickel persisting at the pineal.

(from: "The Prevention of all Cancers", pages 365-366. Copyright notice)

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