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Who was Dr. Clark

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The zapper is a therapy device, invented by Dr. Clark and is known worldwide. It kills small microorganisms such as parasites and gives energy to our white blood cells. To find out more about zapper go here:


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Diseases And Protocols

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  • Do the bowel program
  • Do Lugol’s-turmeric-fennel enemas
  • Take the WBCs supplements
  • Do the parasite cleanse in order to remove oncoviruses and remove vegetable oils from your diet for approx. 2 weeks
  • Don’t eat after 8 p.m.
  • Take digestive enzymes at bedtime
  • Take homeographic drops take-out-drops of kidneys and lymp and of wheelbearing grease-out-of-pineal gland
  • Take the WBCs supplements
  • Make your own Sleep Set as mentioned below

A cancer patient needs his or her sleep more than others. Sleep is the time of healing.

Insomnia originates with the pineal gland. Bacteria and the immunity destroyers are arriving there to prevent it from making its melatonin. Melatonin normally puts us to sleep. And the WBCs work hard to clear the toxins or bacteria. When they catch up, your insomnia improves by itself. Unfortunately, the worst bacteria are the ones coming from your own bowel, so they are never far away, and you are never secure against insomnia. You must reduce their numbers and kill their oncoviruses to give your WBCs a chance to catch up with them. Start with Lugol's-turmeric-fennel enemas, plus the whole Bowel Program (see page 557). If you knew which oncoviruses are present, you could kill the parasite that brings these, but killing all common parasites is even a better approach.

Don't eat after 8 p.m. Don't take B vitamins at bedtime. Do take a hot shower. Do take digestive enzymes at bedtime.

If your cancer is advanced you have much more wheel bearing grease everywhere, and even ori the pineal gland if you have insomnia. You must slowly dissolve it away with 1/4 tsp. DMSO daily after removing it from the kidneys with take-out drops. If you don't remove it from the kidneys first you might only move the grease to a different location, like throat or lungs. Be patient. After 4 days of kidney improvement and taking the three WBC-foods (organic germanium, selenite, and rose hips), your body might focus on the pineal gland without your intervention. If sleep comes back, do nothing more except the program you had already started.

If it does not come back after 3 nights of no sleep at all, help the pineal gland by taking out wheel bearing grease homeographically. Make 3 bottles: one that takes it out a bit to the Right side, and one that takes it out a bit to the Left, besides at the slide you purchased. These will be take-out bottles, and are taken like other take-out drops, 6 times the first and second day, 3 times on the 3`d and 4th days. After this, continue once a day for a week and whenever sleep seems extra bad. Meanwhile, help your body to sleep with the homemade sleep set you can make yourself.

It is not uncommon for a cancer patient with advanced brain cancer to have no sleep at all for 20 straight nights, only brief dozes by day that aren't even felt!

Make your own Sleep Set

Herbs that promote sleep have been known for centuries, like chamomile tea. These could be copied into bottles and taken as a set of drops at bedtime. We will use items that are stronger. These are examples:

  1. Drops of pineal gland. Copy the slide or another bottle-copy.
  2. Drops of melatonin. Copy tablets that add up to at least 10 mg or some bulk pure powder, tested for laundry bleach and dyes. Copy the pure powder dry but cover tablets with pure water.
  3. Drops of tryptophane. Copy the pure powder from a manufacturer or several capsules emptied into a bottle and water added.
  4. Drops of ornithine. Copy the pure powder from a manufacturer or 10 capsules emptied into a container with pure water added.

For a more reliable "knockout" effect when thoughts are racing and emotions flaring, take 8 to 10 real ornithine capsules before the sleep set.

More powerful standard drugs could be copied for use in more extreme cases. Be sure all items are pure.

Use the standard dose of 6 drops of each, one minute apart, after you have gone to bed, not to miss the brief wave of action. The real ornithine can be taken 10 minutes earlier.

During times when you are taking the sleep set keep killing bowel bacteria, the real culprits.

(from: "The Prevention of all Cancer", pages 373-374. Copyright notice)

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