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This title means you can cure yourself of these cancer-associated bacteria in one day. The hindrance is eating them again. Learn to avoid that by disinfecting everything except homeographic drops.

For all these recipes the dose is given in the first number. The number of times a day is given in the second number. The number of milligrams is not as important as spreading them through the day.

Do not wait to assemble the whole recipe. Use whatever you have.

Or you can purchase the homeographic formula of each recipe at The strength of the homeographic copy is about ¼ the original.


  • Lugol’s iodine, 6 drops X 4 in about 1/2 cup water (not if allergic to iodine) This means 4 times daily. There is no need to wait for a particular time. But there is a burning need not to eat the food with Salmonella again. Throw out all the food you had been eating earlier that day or put it back in the freezer for sterilizing. Refreeze your supplements and products, such as toothbrush, floss, salt, flour.
  • If you have a diluted iodine solution (Veggie Wash) use 10 drops instead of 6.
  • acetic acid (vinegar), 1-2 tsp. before any food (not in colon or prostate cancer).
  • hydrochloric acid, 5%, 10 drops in a glass of water before the meal. You still need your other 5 drops with your meal, stirred into the food.
  • digestive enzymes (DE), 2 before any food – the exact composition of the enzymes is not so important. Using one capsule of several kinds is more helpful than one kind only.
  • ginkgo leaf, 1 X 6
  • pantothenic acid, 2 X 4
  • bromelain, 2 X 4
  • burdock, 1 X 6
  • epazote, 1 X 6
  • chrysanthemum, 1 X 6
  • elecampane, 1 X 6
  • cleavers, 1 X 6
  • birch bark tea, 1/4 cup X 4
  • anise oil, 6 drops X 1 (for 3 days only)
  • cardamom oil, 6 drops X 1 (for 3 days only)
  • basil oil, 6 drops X 1 (for 3 days only)
  • Reishi mushroom, 1 X 4
  • rose hips, 1 X 6
  • hydrangea root, 1 X 6
  • eucalyptus, 1 X 6
  • citric acid, 1 X 6

Take oils for only 3 days. Do not increase dosage.

Oils are much more potent than dried plant parts. Pour your oils into a ½ oz. HDPE dropper bottle and count drops accurately. Put them into an empty capsule, combining about 4 varieties. Swallow quickly. Do not take with food for best results. Freeze or sonicate them.

Cancer patients can assume they have Salmonella invasion even without symptoms. Bacteria in your body acquire the same radioactivity and lanthanide invasion that your body cells do. It changes their nature, too, and hides them from your immune system. Their favorite congregating place is in your pancreas; then it cannot make all its digestive juices as it should. It can still make trypsin and lipase, but not cellulase to digest yeast walls, nor arginase nor chitinase. All cancer patients have a pancreas that barely digests half their food. All the more is left to feed bacteria and parasites.

Salmonella is a detox-bacterium, so it jumps at you from within, as well as from your food and hands. It will jump again and again, as often as you succeed in killing a F. buski parasite. There are 3 common varieties of Salmonellas; the Syncrometer® can test for them together. Which symptoms you get depends on which variety you have and where it is attacking you.

The world is full of Salmonellas. We all eat and drink them with every mouthful, though we think our food is essentially sterile and clean.

Salmonella is in most canned food and in cooked food. It is in supplements, drugs, even in empty gelatin capsules. Other people don’t seem to get sick; they only challenge their immune systems. But yours is not working; you are made sick even when you don’t feel it. You will recover much faster if you stop the constant Salmonella invasions. Simply sterilize every food and beverage, everything that goes into your mouth, even if not food. It will be quite easy if you purchase a new chest freezer with a temperature of at least -20º F. Freeze your dishes, salt, flour, beans, contact lenses, condiments, spices, supplements, supplements in liquid form, empty gelatin capsules…everything. It only needs to be done once. Dead bacteria do not revive.

Salmonella does not tolerate acid, nor iodine, but just using these is not enough to eliminate them.

Why has Salmonella become such a widespread pest? There is no scientific answer, but we must come up with some possible answers and speculate on the mechanisms. Without some creative speculation and learning how to reduce them, other bacteria will follow the same path. My speculations are:

  1. Gold has begun to substitute for other metals in Salmonella’s enzyme requirements. Withholding gold reduces the bacteria.
  2. The spread of radioactivity with bleach disinfection and dental supplies gives them protection.
  3. Human hygiene has deteriorated.
  4. We eat with our fingers in restaurants without being able to wash them first. We eat other people’s cooking much too often.
  5. To wash our hands we go to the filthiest room in the house, the bathroom. On our way out we pick up more Salmonellas than we had before. Washing before eating should be arranged for in building plans. It should be separate from toileting, such as in the kitchen where parents can watch children and each other.
  6. Killing certain parasites results in Salmonella being set free, for example, F. buski, Fasciola, E. recurvatum.
  7. Our flush toilets splash filthy water on our buttocks and body openings.
  8. Our toilets should open and close and flush automatically to avoid touching anything.

The Syncrometer® finds gold in all the bread that I tested in the USA. Eating gold daily gives it a constant presence for Salmonella’s environment inside us. The gold in people’s jewelry and dentalware raises the amount substantially. Salmonella must adapt to the competition of its minerals with gold. This competition by gold will be greatly promoted when a radioactive element, like polonium or uranium, attaches itself to Salmonella bacteria as they ride around our lymph and in our intestines. The opportunity for mutation is much increased, while the gold competitor is right there, making an option for its enzymes. We have seen that other pathogens have acquired gold as an option for their minerals, too. They include SV40 virus, HIV, reverse transcriptase enzyme, prions, and the new Avian Flu. These are all modern pathogens. To avoid further evolution of our commonest bacteria we need to study them (as scientists already are) but to apply much more speculative creativity than before. Lay persons’ ideas seem especially promising.

Gold, in the form of jewelry and dental supplies is hardened with nickel because by itself it is too soft to resist wear. This creates another problem, nickel.
The Syncrometer® has found that the common denominators for all allergies making PGE2, are only 2: nickel and radioactivity. Eating the allergenic food prolongs the PGE2 effect so the allergic organ can never heal, and technically becomes a third cause of allergies, but is, of course, under your control. You could free yourself of allergies with this simplified approach!

As soon as one day has passed where you are not accidentally eating Salmonella any longer, your feeling of illness will improve. Be patient with your own mistakes. Aim to sterilize every item that touches you or enters you. You will have several choices in sterilization techniques. Provide yourself with several.


  • turmeric, 6 X 3
  • fennel, 6 X 3
  • wormwood, 1 X 6
  • burdock, 1 X 6
  • nutmeg, 1 X 3
  • cloves, 1 X 6
  • olive leaf powder, 1 X 6
  • cilantro, 1 X 6
  • eucalyptus, 1 X 6
  • peppermint leaf, 1 X 6
  • slippery elm (moose elm), 1 X 6
  • thyme leaf, 1 X 6
  • milk thistle seed, 1 X 3
  • boneset, 1 X 6
  • cleavers, 1 X 6

The second most common bacterium that makes you feel sick is E. coli. It gives you gas, bloating, headache, insomnia, loss of appetite, a bad mood, constipation, diarrhea.

These are very similar to the symptoms of Salmonella. Cancer patients always have both Salmonella and E. coli widespread in the body. That is why they feel so sick and miserable. E. coli is found where human hands have touched food, or in pills, supplements, as for Salmonella. It will be on your hands from bathroom visits. Make an alcohol hand cleanser for yourself and spray it on your hands anytime you have touched the door knob, the faucet handle or the flushing handle. There are several hand cleanser recipes in older books. Don’t put your E. coli-fingers to your lips to flip pages! Spray with alcohol first! Don’t eat anything with your hands until they have been alcohol-cleansed or Lugol’s-cleansed.

Lugol’s cleanser is made in seconds with:

  • 2 to 5 drops Lugol’s
  • 1 cup water in a non-breakable jar.

Dip one hand in after the other and wash them vigorously.

How can only 2 bacteria, Salmonella and E. coli, make you so miserable there is no interest in even staying alive? Combine the 2 recipes for total success. Your zest for life can come right back. Be sure each item was itself first sterilized or you could give it right back to yourself.

A good way to kill both Salmonella and E. coli bacteria together is to line up all the herbs along a table edge. Choose even hours or odd ones to give yourself one of each and set the kitchen alarm. On the hour-mark take one of each from the X 6 row. Then one of each from the X 4 row. Then those taken X 3. The time of day does not matter.

Remember that all plant (and animal) material has Salmonella and E. coli. You may be killing one “bug” with the recipe while giving yourself another one from the pills you just took. Very accurate freezing seems the easiest way to disinfect many items with a fail safe method. Electronic ways discussed in past books are not quantitative yet so we cannot rely on them for absolute protection.

You may empty any of the capsules and combine them in a boiling tea, but expect to lose some potency.

You can see there are many herbs that are good for both illnesses. In fact, they are good for many illnesses. How they work should lead to some fascinating new concepts.
Choose the common denominators for both recipes if you are forced to economize. You will still have a good recipe, but will need to take it longer.

Do not put faith into any assurance that ultra-pasteurizing, drying, adding salt or being “straight from the manufacturer”, or having GMP rating, or having “never been opened”, would mean free of all bacteria. The bacterial official test may be Negative, but yet there are so many bacteria left that you, and not others, will get sick from them. Only sterilizing with ozone, Lugol’s or UV light is reliable, besides sonicating or deep-freezing at -20º F for 24 hours. You should feel no symptoms from any herb. As soon as you are better (hopefully in 1 day) reduce the number of doses by one, then 2 each day. When you have not eaten the bacteria for one full day, your body can kill those remaining in 24 hours.

TO KILL STREP PYOGENES (abscess bacteria)

  • nocephalosporin (copy of cephalosporin, tested free of chlorox bleach) drops
  • nogaramycin (copy of garamycin, tested free of chlorox bleach) drops
  • noampicillin (copy of ampicillin, tested free of chlorox bleach) drops
  • hydrochloric acid, 5%, 10 drops in water before any food
  • chrysanthemum, 1 X 6
  • pantothenic acid, 1 X 6
  • epazote, 1 X 6
  • boneset, 1 X 6
  • burdock, 1 X 6
  • rose hips, 2 X 6

Strep pyogenes is a very serious abscess “bug”, and might be hidden in an ear or a bone or some other rather special place. Since it is a “strep”, we know it requires chromium and must be getting it somehow (see table on page 328). An inside source like metal teeth is most likely, but metal glasses frames, earrings, and watches always contribute. Any cooking pan is suspect, as are, of course, any ground herbs or supplements. You do not get this bug from food or water. It seems to get its start in a tooth. Whenever an abscess is found in the body, the Syncrometer® also finds it in a tooth while the chromium is widespread in the body. The tooth infection is often “silent”, meaning there is no pain. That happens when the abscess is not under pressure, meaning it is draining into you. It is draining into one of your organs, preferring bones or brain for its next home. By the time it has spread to a bone, it requires antibiotics in addition to herbs. But unless chromium is removed to starve the bacteria, and the tooth cleaned and repaired in a metal-free way, they reestablish themselves. If it spreads to the brain it will reach the spine and bring you into a wheel chair. If you are already in a wheelchair search for S. pyogenes in the brain, spinal cord, and teeth.

As soon as Strep pyogenes is gone from the saliva, lymph, and organ (1 to 3 days) reduce all herbs to 1 X 4. After 4 more days test again for Strep pyogenes. If it has stayed away you may reduce the herbs to twice a day. At this point, if the bone abscesses have also been cleared but the tooth not yet found, hurry to remove metal, plastic that covers metal, radioactivity (porcelain), and root canals. Leave teeth “open” (unfilled) for 1 day, while cleaning them with Dental Bleach. This lets you test for leftover metals before “closing” them by replacing with composite.


  • nocephalosporin (copy of cephalosporin) drops
  • nogaramycin (copy of garamycin) drops
  • noampicillin (copy of ampicillin) drops
  • hydrochloric acid, 10 drops before any meal or snack
  • sheep sorrel, 1 X 2 plus 1 vitamin B6
  • Reishi mushroom, 1 X 3
  • pantothenic acid, 2 X 4
  • epazote, 1 X 6
  • eucalyptus, 1 X 6
  • burdock, 1 X 6
  • boneset, 1 X 6
  • rose hips, 1 X 6

Strep G is another very serious “bug” that prefers lungs, joints, and special hidden places. In fact, it can be so well hidden, you never do find it before you have killed it. It can cause fever, extreme fatigue that puts you to bed, failure of a whole organ, severe weight loss and no appetite. You must force the victim to eat, preceded by hydrochloric acid in water with the WBC supplements on the side, along with pantothenate and 1 vitamin B6 of any size. To prevent weight loss blend each food, till it can be drunk. The vitamin B6 will counteract stone forming from the oxalic acid in some herbs. The oxalic acid may be part of the herb’s action, very important for its success, but any excess will be removed.

For unexplained reasons clinical doctors do not find any of these 4 bacteria although they are the chief cause of illness in cancer patients.

I suspect this is due to outdated clinical assumptions. The clinical goal is to find one major infection that can be targeted and treated, not multiple infections with contributing symptoms. This is taught in bacteriology courses, because as a practical matter finding 20 bacteria makes it impossible to find “the culprit” and treat the correct one. The student is expected to somehow reduce the varieties to one and learn to guess right or use the most broadly acting antibiotic.

As soon as Strep G is gone from the saliva, lymph and organ (1 to 3 days) reduce all herbs to 1 X 4. After 4 more days, test again for Strep G. If it has stayed away, use this window of time to search for its true origin. You may still uncover a flaring infection in some faraway place that gives no symptoms. This is likely to be the true source. After treating till this location is cleared up too, you may reduce the herbal potions to twice a day. Be sure to come back to all streps in a few days to check on them. Infections that do not clear in about 5 days will be seen to be fed (with chromium or other necessity) see page 328.


Clostridium is our silent stalker, with nothing to be seen or felt. But it is much more dangerous than others. There are 4 common kinds. C. botulinum makes you weep. Even a grown man will openly weep when “C. bot.” overruns the hypothalamus. This only happens when you have killed very many liver flukes. Clostridium tetani causes muscle stiffness as in your neck ligaments when you may believe you “slept the wrong way”.

Clostridium perfringens and C. septicum are two more varieties.

The whole Clostridium family are “undertakers”. Each serves its own parasite and is already stationed where access will be the best, like vultures over a dying animal. They tolerate no oxygen, so are called anaerobes. The poisons they make can be deadly. So, throughout the parasite-killing program, we treat for Clostridium bacteria. As soon as they appear you know you have killed something large. They are the undertakers for Fasciolopsis. When C. bot. arrives at a nerve or the brain its poison blocks the production of acetylcholine, one of our chief neurotransmitters. Acetylcholine keeps our muscles working, our digestive juices being made, our lungs breathing, our brains sending messages. To tamper with acetylcholine means tampering with life itself. For example, people in wheelchairs are not sending acetyl choline to their muscles. Wherever any of the Clostridiums appear, they must be killed immediately, without any higher priority.

Clostridium does not tolerate oregano oil. Even 10 drops is lethal to them. But your mouth and eyes do not tolerate oregano oil, either, in an equally severe way. NEVER put even 1 drop in your mouth, or on your lip, or anywhere near your eyes. But your stomach tolerates 20 drops! The challenge is to get it past your mouth. Put the 10 drop dose into a capsule and swallow it quickly. Three such small doses a day can keep up with all the Clostridium varieties that are produced in you by killing parasites.

Although it is silent where it grows, it leaves a very obvious “calling card” in your blood test results. If your uric acid level is too low you will find yourself “swimming” in Clostridium, even in your blood.
Start to kill them immediately without waiting to identify the species or location or amount. Then you can enjoy knowing you killed a thriving population of liver flukes instead of shedding tears as if you were depressed.

Every parasite of considerable size also has its “friendly companion” bacteria. They are inseparable. Fasciolopsis and Bacillus cereus are inseparable. But Bacillus cereus can buzz all about the body while buski adults must stay put. Bacillus cereus can cruise around in the blood up to 3 days after its “big brother” is killed, but then they disappear. They seem to have a dependency on buski, too.

Bacillus cereus goes quietly about its own business, there are no pains or appearances that give it away. And yet it might carry the deepest mystery of all locked inside itself. It seems to go about, changing north polarization to south. Polarization seems to follow a path leading through L- and D-tyramine and l- and d-thyroxine, our thyroid hormone. One by one, our amino acids follow the trend of change in structure and polarization at the same time, when Bacillus is present. Bacillus cereus has its own companions, too. They are mycoplasma arthritis, and papilloma viruses, found in joints and warts respectively.


It is impossible to kill Bacillus cereus with herbs alone, probably because they are sheltered by “big brother”, F. buski. The best solution is to kill buski. The recipe for this is the cancer-curing program. But it helps to add these herbs, especially if allergies are numerous.

  • cumin, 1 X 3
  • periwinkle, 1 X 3
  • Oregon grape root, 1 X 3
  • chrysanthemum, 1 X 5
  • nutmeg, 1 X 3
  • olive leaf powder, 1 X 5

Bacillus cereus lives only 3 days after its buski host has been killed. It does very little good to kill it though when the neighboring buski is streaming them out into your body, soon occupying you from top to toe again.

B. cereus also comes from a most unexpected source—a plant. The black line along the center of bananas has B. cereus. That could explain why bananas have tyramine, the cause of many headaches. We should never eat the black center of bananas.


There has never been a “pain” recipe” to my knowledge. But since a single bacterium is responsible for pain, it should be possible to assemble a recipe for it. It often works after a single dose of each item. You could free yourself from narcotic painkillers and come back into the land of hope again! It is “worth more than rubies and diamonds”. For this reason it is worthwhile to be persistent in acquiring these herbs.

  • sheep sorrel, 1 X 2, plus 1 vitamin B6 each time
  • EDTA, 500 mg., 1 X 2
  • Notobramicin (drops)
  • Noampicillin (drops)
  • cardamom, 1 X 6
  • ginger, 1 X 6
  • marshmallow root, 1 X 6
  • elecampane, 1 X 6
  • nutmeg, 1 X 6
  • rose hips, 2 X 6
  • milk thistle seed, 1 X 6
  • birch bark, ¼ cup tea X 3
  • bromelain, 1 X 6
  • catnip, 1 X 4
  • thioctic, 1 X 5
  • olive leaf, 1 X 6
  • ginkgo leaf, 1 X 6
  • cloves, 1 X 3
  • wild lettuce, 1 X 6
  • vitamin E, 1 X 6

The most relentless of all bacteria is our pain-causer. It is always present in the liver, without causing pain, but ready to pounce on the tiniest bit of blood available anywhere. It seems to eat blood. We constantly bleed in very tiny amounts. Our platelets are our patchers, going about from bleed to bleed, patching everything. But if they are not quick enough, the pain-causers, waiting behind the scene, have their meal and begin to grow. They are the Strep pneumoniae “bugs”. From small pains to big pains, a broken bone, a twisted ankle, joint pain and muscle pain, and chronic pain of unknown origin follow this path. But I have not studied all kinds of pain, such as headaches, pressure from a slammed door on your fingers and gas pain in the intestines, or childbirth. Cancer pain and pain of chronic disease is always due to Strep pneumoniae.

How fortunate that the mightiest pain, requiring 3 narcotics to control it is just as dependent on chromium as other streps. Our approach will be effective in 2 to 3 days, namely, no pain. But the Strep pneumoniae will not all be gone from your body; they are back in hiding in the liver. This is a good time to remove all the chromium metal from the liver and hiding places so that pain cannot suddenly come back from a single mistake you might make.

Starving Strep pneumoniae requires metal removal, specifically chromium . It can come from any kind of cooking pans or utensils, any metal in your teeth, any jewelry, or glasses, watch or ornament worn around the neck or wrist. There could be metal in your bra, or cap, or belt. These are the obstacles in the path of curing pain.

Plastic is not safe, either. It can seep huge amounts of metals! The only safe plastic is “cooked” plastic that you have hardened not to seep. The only safe cookware is tested cookware (see page 366 #5). The only safe glass, ceramic, Teflon, enamel, polypropylene, and other new materials or coatings are tested ones. The industry has changed greatly for such materials. Old rules or generalizations do not apply anymore. When going shopping for appliances, take a number of zippered plastic bags with you, each holding a square of damp paper towel. Make a rubbing of the blades, or sidewalls of appliances to take home for testing. Explain your “sensitivity” to the clerks to get their cooperation.

The only safe, non-seeping material that can be relied on without testing is high density polyethylene (HDPE), of the opaque kind, usually used for milk and gallons of water.
Cut dishes from HDPE water bottles. Use a conductivity indicator (see Sources) to test your pans, although it is not perfect. Cook your plastic cutlery for ½ hour. Remove everything else from personal contact including contact lenses. After this you will be ready to use the recipe to kill Strep pneumoniae—and by extra good fortune, staph, other streps, and yeast. All these are present together in many cancers including breast, skin, and bone, and all are dependent on chromium.
To stop bleeding diseases use the same list as for Strep pneumoniae. They may not cause the bleeding but somehow prevent it from stopping.

You may be tempted to leave out the 2 antibiotics, but when 2 or 3 narcotics are being used for pain relief it is important to take everything that could replace them. Making drops will save your original prescription and avoid side-effects.

You may empty any of the supplement capsules into a beverage or into food, provided you drink it at once. Do not use molasses or syrup or honey because these feed the bacteria particularly; wait at least 5 days before allowing yourself any sweets.

When the cause of bleeding is a very big one, like malaria or hemorrhages you should not stop the recipe till the malaria or hemorrhages are reduced.

Prions increase when Salmonella has just been killed and a great deal of gold is suddenly available. They also increase when the parasite Macracanthorhynchus increases. This parasite normally uses ruthenium in its enzymes, but gold can substitute and sticks to the ruthenium as a “dual-mineral”. Are prions companions for Macracanthorhynchus (Macra for short)? They quickly invade the brain and peripheral nerves. Soon you feel dizzy but not sick. In fact, you could be in rather a good mood.

For an elderly person particularly, it is important to stop killing Salmonella or “Macra” and start removing gold as quickly as possible. Make take-out drops for gold from kidneys and lymph first, then from hypothalamus and pancreas. Then test for left over gold in liver, throat region, genital organs or wherever the main problems are. Results can be seen in two days. The true gold source is usually in tooth fillings and gums, jewelry, bread, and honey, Teflon and glass dishes, besides chlorox-bleached water.

Alzheimer’s patients often have prions as part of the problem. They should remove all gold from their teeth, their jewelry and wedding ring. All baked goods should be homemade because store-bought breads have gold. Glass and Teflon pans and dishes seep gold. Symptoms can disappear as suddenly as they came but the experience should not be forgotten. Never wear gold or eat gold again. The next prion symptoms are difficulty in swallowing and breathing!


  • Reishi, 1 X 2
  • cardamom, 2 X 4
  • Shiitake, 1 X 3
  • chaparral, 1 X 4
  • birch bark, ¼ cup X 5
  • periwinkle, 1 X 3

Do not try to kill prions or Macra till all the gold is drained from the body, so none is seen in the urine.

Staphylococcus aureus is not very common in cancer, but is present in every breast cancer. Staph is a “skin and bone” pathogen and I believe, though this is not yet proved, that it all starts with tooth infection. The lymph nodes in the neck try to catch the staph bugs before they spread to the rest of the body, but when they spill over (during sugar binges) the lymph nodes in the armpits and around the collar bones and above the breast join the battle (to save your body). The sweating in the armpits is meant to remove toxins and oils that otherwise might help the staphs; do not use sweat-stoppers nor shave here. Use scissors and deodorizers like MSM. Do not wear a bra that lifts the breast; it puts back pressure on the lymph flow under the breast to handicap your body. At the same time the bacteria invade the breast, often finding an old trauma like a breast abscess that was formed in baby-nursing times. This may have left a small fibrous mat that did not get completely healed and removed. Such a history of a breast cancer does not have enough evidence to be considered a fact, but such epidemiological data is very important and should be gathered by women themselves. Keep a history of breast bruises, traumas, abscesses, hormones taken to enlarge or reduce them, and other notable practices. It would be wise for women to take their health into their own hands and forge new paths for themselves, instead of waiting for “science” and committees.

Staph brings inflammation and tenderness to the breast but not actual pain. The breast may look red and feel hot as the body tries to burn up the bacteria with fresh arterial blood. Staph does not start the inflammation, though. A food allergen, apiol is the breast’s “enemy”. It comes from soybeans but contaminates essentially all other oils on the market. Do not use oils unless tested for apiol. Natural food oils as in peanuts or avocados and fish, in moderate amounts, are sufficient. For the ducts of the breast, phenylalanine is the food allergen, namely, cows’ milk.

Staph will keep invading the breast skin while the streps prefer the deeper breast tissues. When Strep pneumoniae joins the others, the breast lump becomes painful and now has considerable internal bleeding. Fortunately there is overlap between all the bacterial needs so they can be killed all together. Be sure you give each “bug” the correct herbs to kill it. But first of all, repair the tooth.
Ozonating the breast while doing the program brings the fastest relief and results. Tape a plastic shopping bag around the whole breast using only masking tape. Do not remove the tape later. Only add tape where needed, so no skin is eroded. Place the ozone tube inside the bag. You should see the bag bulging out so you know there is a slight pressure and the ozone will penetrate deeply. Ozonate for 30 minutes, 4 times a day till the breast is completely well.


  • noampicillin (test for chlorox bleach and chromium) drops
  • nocephalosporin (test for chlorox, chromium) drops
  • hydrochloric acid, 10 drops in a glass of water before any food
  • eucalyptus, 1 X 6
  • boneset, 1 X 6
  • epazote, 1 X 6
  • cloves, 1 X 6
  • nutmeg, 1 X 6
  • burdock, 1 X 6
  • cardamom, 1 X 6
  • elecampane, 1 X 6
  • peppermint leaf, 1 X 6
  • thyme, 1 X 6
  • mullein leaf, 1 X 6
  • slippery elm bark (moose elm)

Staph travels very quickly through the skin, seeming to form an alliance with YEAST. Together they give the skin a rough, bumpy, texture with a glassy redness, though not pain.

This alliance may actually be a shared need for chromium. Recently, a gold-requiring Staph aureus and a nickel-requiring YEAST have been found. Draining both the gold and nickel brings fastest relief.

Yeast of the bread and alcohol variety is the dangerous kind in cancer, not the vaginal or mouth variety. Its scientific name is Saccharomyces cerevisciae. It can push its growing “hairs” into our cells, acting like roots to suck up our cell juices. It is quite destructive, but not truly killing our cells. It thrives on our blood sugar and our body temperature. We must not let it get a strong foothold at the breast because it can blaze through the rest of our skin without causing a disturbance until it is too late. Then it draws up all the blood sugar while the patient becomes emaciated in the last few weeks. Even then, this herbal method works by stopping the YEAST if you do the starving and killing at lightning speed.

TO KILL YEAST (S. Cerevisciae)

  • zinc, 1 X 2
  • bromelain, 1 X 2
  • cardamom, 1 X 6
  • rose hips, 2 X 6
  • ginger, 1 X 6
  • vitamin A, 5000 units X 3
  • epazote, 1 X 6
  • burdock, 1 X 6
  • milk thistle seed, 1 X 6
  • eucalyptus, 1 X 6
  • folic acid, 1 X 3
  • turmeric, 1 X 6
  • pantothenate, 1 X 6

Remove all chromium, gold, nickel and cobalt, namely, amalgam, to starve yeast. Then start the yeast killing recipe as soon as every item has been properly frozen.

Yeast is responsible for producing CEA, the well known clinical cancer marker. It also brings RAS the oncovirus and AFP, another cancer marker. It seems to be able to turn on the ribonucleotide reductase enzyme by itself to make DNA. This is a preliminary finding.

Although staph and yeast do not cause pain they quietly steal your food (blood sugar). They don’t make you feel sick although extreme fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss gives you and your family the hint that the end is near. You must rebel at such a notion and find help quickly that can go from one problem to the next, solving each one at lightning speed.

Shigellas do not cause pain either, but give quite distressing symptoms.

Two shigellas are very fierce in cancer patients or anyone. They are Shigella dysenteriae and Shigella sonnei. They come from Onchocerca parasites. Shigella dys (for short) causes severe diarrhea. Shigella son (for short) adds depression to the diarrhea. They can give you extreme headache. If nothing stops them they will continue to invade, preferring the nervous system, as in brain cancer or the spine. The body has to give up quite soon to the Shigellas, yet they are easy to prevent, and to stop, just with stomach acid, hydrochloric acid. Take 10 drops in a cup of water before meals. Even vinegar stops them; take tested vinegar in water with meals. Vinegar should not be used in prostate or colon cancer.

Clinically, a drug that slows the intestine is given to stop the diarrhea. This causes the bacteria to become chronic since nothing is done to remove them or kill them.


  • pantothenate, 1 X 6
  • burdock, 1 X 6
  • epazote, 1 X 6
  • boneset, 1 X 6
  • cardamom, 1 X 6
  • ginger, 1 X 6
  • rose hips, 1 X 6
  • milk thistle seed, 1 X 6
  • bromelain, 1 X 6
  • hydrochloric acid, 10 drops X 6
  • vinegar (not in colon, prostate cancer)

There is only one virus that makes you feel sick but not very sick if it is by itself. It is Flu. Influenza A and B together are commonly called Flu.

Viruses in general are quite sensitive to your body temperature. Maybe this is why our bodies have learned to start a fever as soon as they arrive. That slows them down and buys time for your immune system to make antibodies. We may be uncomfortable, but we should put up with Nature’s intent to make strong antibodies for the present and for your future. It does not seem wise to take a temperature-lowering drug before it has reached 101 ½˚ F.

TO KILL FLU (Influenza A and B)

  • Oscillococcinum, 1 at bedtime (not useful for avian variety)
  • boneset, 2 X 6
  • epazote, 2 X 6
  • burdock, 2 X 6
  • eucalyptus, 2 X 6

Keeping the body warm is an instinct we all have. We should wear enough clothing to keep the body at 99.0˚ F for a cancer victim. Temperatures much higher than that have often been used by therapists in the past. Now this therapy is called hyperthermia.

The flu can give other uncomfortable symptoms like aching all over, aching in the joints, nausea, lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, intense fatigue, headache, and more. Unwittingly, it is considered part of your cancer. This belief keeps you and your doctors unwilling to treat it. The only treatments known are homeopathic and herbal, not in the doctors’ interest. This attitude is defended by saying the flu virus changes genetically too often to make a medicine worth its cost in research.

The flu virus in cancer patients is often chronic because they carry your radioactivity on themselves, similar to bacteria. This makes it much harder for your WBCs to catch them, eat them, process them and deliver the remains to other WBCs for shipping to the bladder. It uses up vitamin C so that soon all the WBCs are deficient in vitamin C and, therefore, disabled. The whole immune system is soon stalled by the radioactive intrusion. You can see the necessity of taking vitamin C continually, throughout your cancer, a point stressed by Dr. Linus Pauling years ago.

Bird Flu or Avian Flu is a new Flu variety that has recently changed its enzymes. It can use gold as a mineral instead of the ordinary minerals. This is not yet proved and needs research. The herbs that can kill Flu should be learned by everybody.

The eucalyptus tree is so useful everybody should grow one! Fresh eucalyptus leaves are much more potent than dried ones, as in capsules.


  • remove gold from teeth, jewelry, bread
  • stop using glass or Teflon cook ware
  • take drops of take-out gold from kidneys and lymph
  • boneset, 2 X 6
  • epazote, 2 X 6
  • burdock, 2 X 6
  • eucalyptus, 2 X 6

Adenovirus, the common cold, is seldom a perilous illness, but some scientists consider it an oncovirus.

There are usually no cold symptoms in a cancer patient, although the common cold can make anyone miserable. This virus often attacks quietly during a flu attack. The homeopathic Oscillococcinum is just as useful to prevent colds as the flu.


  • eucalyptus, 2 X 2
  • Reishi mushroom, 1 X 2
  • epazote, 2 X 2
  • boneset, 2 X 2
  • elecampane, 2 X 2
  • cleavers, 2 X 2
  • pancreatin-lipase, 2 X 4
  • 2 tsp. lipase to remove all oil accumulations, once a day

The average cancer patient has only 4 of this list of infections: Salmonellas, E. coli, Flu and one other. These give the most symptoms, and are quite easily conquered. But they will keep returning since they are your own bowel bacteria and because all food and objects are contaminated with them. Our habit of licking our fingers and not washing hands, even before eating, makes us easy targets.

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(From "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers", pages 252- 274, Copyright Notice)

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