Possibile causes:

  • Hair color, permanent, bleach, pool chemicals
  • High amounts in water through copper pipes
  • Intake for a long time of multi-vitamins and other supplements
  • Intrauterine contraceptive device
  • Intake for a long time of hormone substances (antibaby pill, estrogen supplementation during or after menopause)
  • Usage of copper utensils
  • Hormone adaptation towards end of pregnancy and after birth
  • Lack of zinc
  • Chromium burden
  • Amalgams
  • Cigarette smoking

Possible consequences (excluding an increase in copper due to outer pollution):

  • Inflammation processes, formation of free radicals
  • Joint pain, diarrhea, respiratory illnesses
  • Acne, migraines, high blood pressure
  • Hyperactivity, behaviour disorders, learning and concentration disorders
  • Sleep disorders, depression
  • Psychosis, schizophrenia, epilepsy
  • High heart attack risk
  • Liver disorders (Indian childhood cirrhosis)
  • Symptoms of lack of zinc


  • Eliminate causes
  • Zinc supplementation, Vitamin B6, Magnesium and sulphur-containing amino acids (Methionin, cysteine)


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