Solvents are compounds that dissolve things. For example water is a very useful solvent, essential for life. The majority of solvents however dissolve grease and this could put our lives in danger, because the linings of our cell membranes are made of grease, especially our nerve cells.

All parasite stages (not normal) can develop in us if we have solvents.

The most damaging solvent is benzene.

BENZENE – destroys our thymus and our immune system

Dissolves grease and gets trapped in our WBCs (white blood cells) where it accumulates: this is also why our WBCs lose their special power.

It is has been known for decades that benzene causes cancer, especially leucemias. Benzene brings pain and bleeding.

Main source:

  • Food through flavours, colors, fragrance
  • Beauty-care products
  • Pills and supplements
  • Laundry bleach

PROPYL ALCOHOL – second most damaging solvent.

Involved in the metastatic part of cancer.

Dry and irritant solvent. Dehydrates and removes the natural acid mantle of the skin, making us more vulnerable to bacteria, molds and viruses. It is made from Propylene, a derivate from petroleum. It can give us brown spots and a premature skin aging. It is a disinfectant and therefore is used on everything, on food, to sterilize water bottles before bottling, in drugs, in beauty-care products, etc.


Used as a sterilizer for water bottles before bottling like propyl alcohol. Found in bottled drinks such as diet coca and in many other things.

PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls)

Oily compounds that dissolve grease. Makes plastic soft. Our WBC membranes are made of grease. PBCs are trapped in the membranes of our WBCs and accumulate there. The WBCs lose their special immunity power.

Main source:

  • Treated food
  • Plastics
  • Laundry bleach
  • Plastic toys
  • Cosmetics

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(Copyright notice – Excerpts taken from “The Cure of all Diseases” written by Dr. Hulda Clark)

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