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Influenza is a virus that can cause “the flu.” eas­ily transmitted from person to person and in less than a year can spread across the planet. Some flu examples are Influenza A, B, C, and Swine flu.

When one has flu, often Salmonella or Shigella are present. Renounce dairy products to keep salmonella e shigella at bay. Betaine chloride will increase stomach acid so that it is strong enough to kill most Salmonellas and Shigellas.

After a seri­ous bout with Salmonellas or Shigellas, the body does not com­pletely clear itself of them. They stay in hiding somewhere. When a new batch of bacteria arrives, even though very sparse, these two subtypes can hybridize and produce a much more vigorous offspring. This is called virulence. You are made much sicker by more virulent subtypes of bacteria.

If your flu is due to an influenza virus, kill it with your zapper though flu due to Salmonella is not easily zapped away. Besides zapping to clear them from your tissues, you must eliminate them from the bowel by using the Bowel Program

Lugol’s iodine solution can quite quickly get rid of Salmonella throughout the body.

If your flu brings you a fever, use Lugol’s.

. Kill all bacteria, viruses, and parasites with a zapper.


Cold body temperature is an invitation for fungus and viruses to multiply. Viruses escape into the body daily. Don't give them the advantage.


Flatworms, roundworms, protozoa, even bacteria, and vi­ruses are remarkably easy to kill using a combination of zapping and Dr. Clark’s herbal program.


Several common mold toxins inhibit and lower the immune system, too, specifically those white blood cells that are supposed to eat and destroy viruses.

Everything wrapped in plastic contains mold. Lime water is a good mold inhibitor.


If you eat peanut butter during a cold, it will [NCW1] return with vengeance. If you eat cheese it will add Salmo­nella to your illness and you may develop a fever. Your own immune system is the most powerful cold killer, so stop handi­capping it.


Your body can eliminate any virus in a short time, such as hours or days

We may be deriving viruses from all the roundworms, flukes, tapeworms, and bacteria that infect us!

Parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi are intertwined and live on foods that we eat but also on pollution such as solvents, metals, and radioactivity.


Dr. Clark noticed the way that each parasite stage has its radioactive element attached to it. When a White Blood Cell attacks, its vitamin C is immediately destroyed. Now it can do nothing, not even attack bacteria and viruses. How radioactivity destroys vitamin C is not known. Why only organic vitamin C (complete with rutin and hesperidin) can win battles against radioactive bacteria and parasites is also not known.


Herbs belong to us, being our own true treasure, Dr. Clark chose herbs wherever possible to de-parasitize, kill bacteria and viruses, and maintain our health together with electronic zapping.


The special food requirements that we must not eat for viruses to survive in us are most food oils. Dr. Clark had studied various of these food oils

Dr. Clark also found with the “Syncrometer” that gold is attached to each virus making it a very virulent flu. This could make it unrecognizable to our immune system and can multiply unchallenged.

To summarize:

  1. Because parasites harbor bacteria and viruses and bacteria harbor viruses, Dr. Clark recommended to do a parasite cleanse.
  2. Don’t eat moldy foods: they contain toxins that significantly reduce your immunity. Don’t take dairy products: they multiply your salmonellas and shigellas
  3. Kill Salmonella with Lugol solution (part of the bowel program) and remove gold that salmonella feeds on
  4. Increase stomach acid with betain chlorid and enhance digestion with digestive enzymes (part of the bowel program)
  5. Do the bowel program to eliminate pathogenic bowel bacteria.
  6. The liver manufactures a myriad of chemicals that are important for immunity. Dr. Clark’s famous Liver Flush gives the liver a boost! (This is the kind of booster you DO want…)
  7. Take supplements to “feed” your white blood cells. Dr. Clark recommended rose hip, hydrangea and selenium.
  8. Zap to activate your white blood cells.
  9. Pau d’Arco is an an antifungal; Boneset, Burdock, Birchbark, Epazote, Eucalpytus and Reishi are contained in Dr. Clark’s Bacterial Fighting Recipe.


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