My sister died of cancer 3 years ago.

Today I stand proud in that I have passed on your information to a close friend who developed same and is making excellent progress 2 weeks to date. Tumour has regressed and he is off all painkillers. His toilet is back to normal.

To you all I humbly thank, I am awed by Dr Clark and her courage, and to my sister and her friends I apologise from the bottom of my heart. I searched everything written on cancer but didn't find the Net or Dr Clark's work until after she had died. How so totally ignorant of me!

I am building the zappers and synchrometers free of charge to anyone close to me who needs them. Anyone who has seen a loved one die of cancer could never charge.

I have run into a problem with the synchrometer. Mine will work (squawk) only with 'D' size batteries, and make no sound at all from the 'AA' s that Dr Clark lists in the plans in her book. Will it work as affectively on these? and what have I done wrong? All components have been checked and double checked. Am still learning this devise so I would appreciate your council.

Your sincerely,


#1 Help w zapperM
2021-07-11 20:53
Hi there. I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I am now dealing w my sister having end stage liver, rectal, lung cancer. I am just now discovering Dr Clark protocol but am overwhelmed on where to start. Any direction or guidance would be appreciated! God bless
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