I have bought and read Dr Hulda Regehr Clark's books.

I have applied her simple practice and have cured my mother of a major BRAIN TUMOR, a friend who had COLON CANCER, SEIZURES and another with severe skin disorders - the list goes on and on.

I am from Australia and am amazed at how the medical profession persists in making billions of dollars off the backs of ordinary peoples health world wide.

There has to be an end to this carnage. Dr. Clark is the most wonderful person for standing out from the ordinary leaches that prey on the innocent.

It's glaringly obvious to free thinking people where the source of this prosecution is coming from.

Her crime is that she cured cancer and the opulent medical profession and their partners in crime the tobacco company moguls are not going to get away with this. We the people of this world community will fight for justice and the truth.

Dr Clark is honest and brave to have stepped out of her safe environment to help people with this awful disease.



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