"incurable" and Third Stage Bone Cancer

I also have some good news.  Last year in September, while at a church convention in Texas I met a church member that had been diagnosed in May, 2002 with incurable stomach cancer and was given four months to live. 

Someone at his church services gave him a copy of Dr Clark's book A Cure for All Cancers.

Then he said that he never saw that person again.

He took the herbs starting with the higher dose and the cancer went into remission.  Before taking the herbs he was in pain and had lost of weight.  He said that he looked so bad that his wife couldn't look at him.  Four months later he looked normal and in good health.  One of the women listening to his testimonial had lost her husband two years earlier to stomach cancer.

In February of this year (2003), a man in one of our Louisiana congregations was diagnosed with third stage bone cancer.

I decided to bring him the herbs and my zapper.  When I spoke to him he was skeptical, but I explained that the Bible says that God gives us herbs for medicine and the man that cultivate herbs it is a blessing to him.

He agreed to take the herbs and use the zapper.  He took the herbs recommended for advanced cancer for two weeks. 

He reported that his pain and fever went away and he stopped taking morphine.  Then he went back to the doctors.

They were amazed that he was not in pain and looking so good. 

A few weeks ago, his doctors said that he was in complete remission. 

Told his wife that the herbs and the zapper caused the cure, but God the healing.


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