Hello, in October I bought the 21 day program for my mom (she lives in México), she just finished the program and I have some questions:

She has 2 brain tumors due to a metastasis of a prior Breast cancer (2 1/2 years ago) and also metastasis on her bones, she was treated with radiotherapy with almost no success in August,

She is now being treated with metotrexate direct to her brain every week and also some treatment via IV every month for her bones.

We finished the programme last Wednesday and on Friday made a MRI of her brain and one of the tumors was diminished by 60% and the other one 40%.

Her blood test are a lot better than before (no anaemia any more) but I don't know if she should continue taking supplements from the programme and on what quantity should be recommendable;

For now she is still taking 10g vitamin C, and the other supplements but on a lower dose (in most of the cases 1 capsule of each vit. B, glutathione, msm, calcium etc..).

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