Dear Dr. Clark,

In February, my neighbour, a 71 year old Dutch lady, was diagnosed with a tumor in the brain.

It was detected upon having had an attack in her tummy with heavy shaking (about 10 min.), ending up finally with epileptic-kind cramps in her head when she became unconscious for about 10 min.

2 weeks later she underwent chemo-therapy/radiation at Jakarta but abandoned this treatment upon hearing about your 21-days cancer treatment.

I have ordered this program from you - that finally arrived in Indonesia at the beginning of May. She immediately started the program, was initially very tired but finally recovered, started walking again and felt absolutely healthy and stronger. The success with Dr. Clark was heralded when Mid June another attack occurred, this time in the left arm. She was hospitalized for 2 days, then the curing process continued....and Mid July, the patient was nearly back to normal life.

Right today, another attack came up, this time stronger and more intensive - in the left leg and now she lies nearly paralysed in the hospital.

Did you experience similar histories? What can be done now - as we all reject what doctors propose in Singapore: chemotherapy and radiation.

We would all highly appreciate your recommendation and thank you in advance.

Best regards,

“for FG”


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