Good morning to you and your staff. I really appreciate all you are doing for those of us who have cancer or have had cancer.

My brother and myself have both been diagnosed with prostate cancer. At the time I found out, 2 years ago, I didn't know about alternative treatments so I just went along with my doctor and had the operation to remove my prostrate.

Since then I have read your book(s) and have followed up with your parasite program. My brother, on the other hand, decided to try alternative methods after I told him about your book and other ways of treating cancer without his prostrate being removed.

He started the parasite program plus he went to a Clinic in Reno, Nevada, Dr. Brodie, that works with improving the immune system. (Dr. Brodie supports your methods). His PSA was over 6, with a positive biopsy of cancer, but now it is below 1. Now his regular medical doctor is all upset because he didn't follow his advice to remove the prostrate even though the PSA is back to normal.

In fact he had a doctors appointment yesterday with his doctor and this doctor actually told him that he would be dead within 3 years and said all these alternative methods he has tried is all a bunch of quackery and these doctors are taking him for a sucker.

What is going on in this country? The regular medical doctors are out to stop anyone that does not do it their way. I believe in these alternative methods because I saw what the conventional medicine did to my father-in-law that just died from lung cancer. What kind of encouragement is there out there for those of us that chose the alternative methods?


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