I've talked to LeGuyders and they are happy to have you read and/or publish their story.  I'll try to cut and paste it into this email.  It's all there except the final page, showing the chart of vitamins they took.  If I can dredge that up, I'll scan it and send it to you if it's of interest to you.  Let me know.  Also, I'll send you my slightly revised letter, as mentioned in my previous message.

My Journey to Wellness - A Prostate Cancer Story

By Henry LeGuyder
May 1999

When  a man has lived three score years and ten, he can usually expect to have a few prostate problems.  I’d read as much and heard as much from my golf buddies but somehow I never thought it would ever happen to me.

I was just too busy for that.

I am 73 years old, a retired electrical contractor, live in Calgary, Canada six months of the year and also have a home in Sun Lakes, Arizona, near Phoenix where my wife and I go for six months October 'til April.  I golf every second day.  We have three grown children and finally full-time retirement.

Even with a history of ulcerated colitis for nine years and an Ileostomy pouch, my health has always been good and my outlook on life was very positive.

Here is my story --

March ‘94 - Visited my Family Doctor, Dr. Leigh Morris, for annual check-up  P.S.A. level 8.

March ’95 - Gradually my urinary flow got slower -
Urologist Dr. L. ordered a P.S.A.. test (prostate specific antigen - a blood test), then a biopsy - negative reading for cancer but  P.S.A.  20.5.

April ‘96 - Urinary flow back-up -- very painful -- hospital emergency room.  A week later admitted to hospital.  P.S.A. up another 50 points, now reading 70 so Dr. L. gave me a T.U.R.P. (trans-uriphral resection of the prostate gland) commonly called a “ream job”.  Infection set in so I had a slow recovery. 

No cancer cells were found.

April ‘97 - Annual P.S.A. test reading 70, biopsy ordered, negative. 

All along I had questioned Dr. L. about the high P.S.A. readings.  He always seemed annoyed, telling me I read too much and what is P.S.A. anyway - he’d seen much higher P.S.A. counts and no cancer cells.

My daughter, Shari, gave me a book, “Solving Prostate Problems”,  by Dr. Martin Gelbard for Christmas 1996.  We learned more from that book than from three doctors put together.  I also started taking a regime of vitamins for
cancer, as recommended in Dr. Balch’s book, “Prescription for Nutritional Healing”.

Sept. ‘97 - I asked for a P.S.A. reading before we left Canada for six months.  The reading had gone to 85 and was positive.  Finally Dr. L. showed some concern.  He made my appointment with an oncologist.  By this time I had made a trip to the Baker Cancer Clinic for X-rays, scope, M.R.I., ultra sound, and finally cat scan to detect bone cancer. I had arthritis in my back so it wasn’t conclusive.

The Gleason system for grading prostate cancers gave as highest, 5 + 5 = 10 count.  Mine was 4 + 4 = 8 count.

Oct. 29, ‘97 - Disaster Day - Consultation with Dr. A., an Oncologist, at which his request was, “bring your wife”.
So we figured I might have ten more years of life.  He told me I had terminal cancer and he was 100% sure it had metastasized to my spine, State D-2. 

The prognosis was six months to two, maybe three years.  We were stunned and speechless.  He advised us to go on our already-booked 50th Anniversary cruise in January, enjoy it fully, live it up, go for it.  He prescribed anti-testosterone pills, Cyprotone, and told me to take extra strength Tylenol with me ‘cause I’d need it aboard ship when the pain started.

My wife, Anne, asked him when we should see him again; he answered, “you don’t”.  However, Dr. A. said when the tumors in the bones become unbearable, they would use radiation to try to stop the pain.  Goodbye.  The whole visit took 15 minutes.  I can’t remember driving home.

Jan. 7, ‘98 - We took our Caribbean cruise armed with my large box of vitamins .  The Cyprotone I left at home -- why?  Because you could not drink any alcohol with it, and I am a Frenchman used to my wine.  We had 12 terrific days on the Love Boat, partying, dancing, touring, drinking champagne every day -- wonderful memories.

Jan. 23, ‘98 - P.S.A. test after cruise - drop of 30 points.  I had asked to be scheduled for an orchiectomy (testicle removal) operation upon my return from our cruise.  This operation drastically stops the production of male hormone testosterone, slowing down cancer growth.

Jan. 29, ‘98 - Orchiectomy operation performed by Dr. L., another P.S.A. test two weeks later, another 35 point drop.  I found a new, caring urologist, Dr. W. and never returned to Dr. L. again.

Feb. 17, ‘98 - Left for Arizona.  I had time to think of what changes I needed in my life to prolong it.

How fortunate we were to have living across the street a very caring friend and neighbor, Shirley Barnes.
She had been following my progress into cancer with information supplied by us from Canada, and answers she sought on the Internet and from her brother in Prescott, Arizona.  She guided us with her Natural Healing books and subsequently introduced us to Dr. Hulda Clark’s book on killing parasites, etc., with her ZAPPER.  Shirley loaned me her zapper and guided me through a regimen outlined in Clark’s book.  I zapped every day.

Oct. ‘98 - Annual health checkup, family doctor Leigh Morris.  This is the man who deserves to be called a ‘Doctor’ (means ‘teacher’).  He has been the one I turned to when I became exasperated.  He explained everything to us in a quiet, caring way.  This young man is truly on my team in this cancer battle.  He also recommended Dr. W. as an alternative urologist.  P.S.A. 2.7.

The changes I’ve had to make in my life are:

        1.  Changes in lifestyle and diet
        2.  Vitamins suggested in Natural Healing books.
        3.  Electromagnetic ZAPPER and the herbs for parasite
cleaning as described in Hulda Clark's book.

The books I’ve read and the instructions for these therapies follow.  I finally feel I have some reality of control.  I am the captain of my ship!

Changes in Lifestyle and Diet, Vitamins
                The first step was to clean out the toxins from my body.  This I did with the anti-cancer ascorbic flush as found in “Prescription for Nutritional Healing”, by James Balch, M.D., page 539.  However, I had read Norman
Cousins’ book and took mega doses of “C” crystals in fruit juice or lemonade.

For the first week, I took:
                        24,000 mg.  (or 24 grams) of “C” crystals
                        plus a 500 mg. “C” tablet every two hours,
for a total of   27 grams  every 24 hours.

                Then I reduced my intake of “C” week by week,
until  October 1998, when I began  taking :
                        4,000 mg 4 grams) a day, in juice

That first week was no easy therapy, you stay close to home as much as possible and my wife (warden) followed me around the house, yard, and garage for a month forcing me to drink the stuff.  I’m sure the reason I could tolerate that large amount of “C” was because I had an ileostomy so the only diarrhoea I experienced was the constant emptying of my pouch.

There was an extra bonus to all this “C”.  My varicose veins, like dark grapes, became unknotted and my leg pains are gone.  Seems I cleared out my arteries.   What a bonus!
I also took a handful of vitamins morning, noon, and night.  Balch’s book tells you what you should eat and avoid.  Although we never were junk food eaters, my wife started a program of serious HOME cooking - no food additives.  Nutritional, natural foods only and home-made soups every day.  We seldom ate out.  It’s a good thing Anne loves cooking. Now I rest more, pace myself, read books on positive thinking, and live one day at a time.

The ZAPPER - This is an electronic device formulated by Dr. H. R. Clark to kill parasites in the body by alternating electrical voltage.  How to built this unit or buy one is described in her book, “The Cure for All Diseases”, pages 19 - 28.  This regimen together with the vitamin C ascorbic flush more than anything else has helped me enjoy my recovery to terrific health.  I also am still taking the herbs (wormwood, cloves, and black walnut tincture)  recommended in Dr. Clark’s book,  to kill parasites in all stages, in the digestive tract where the zapper doesn’t reach. 

She defines parasites as anything living in and from your body which doesn’t belong there-- everything from microscopic (including viruses and germs)
to larger, visible parasites.  She states that it is the effluent from these parasites which interferes with normal function of the cells and causes disease and cancer.   I zapped every day until my P.S.A. was down to normal.  Now I zap twice a week.

Change in Prognosis

October 29, 1997 -
Diagnosed with metasticized terminal prostate cancer;

P.S.A. of 85; given 6 months to 2-3 years to live.

October 1998  -  Last P.S.A. test was 2.7--NORMAL!-- no cancer cells-- and I’m in excellent health.

Nutrients Taken - See attached list

References  (* indicates very highly recommended)

Public Libraries

  • “How to Live Longer and Feel Better” - Linus Pauling, M.D. (first book read on vitamin C, in the 50’s)
  • Public TV, Bill Moyers Series on Health
  • “Mega Vitamin Therapy” - Ruth Adams, Frank Murray
  • “Vitamin Bible” - Earl Mindell, M.D.
  • “Chelation as a Cancer Cure”
  • “Cancer Therapy” - A. Gerson, M.D.
  • “Spontaneous Healing” - Andrew Weil, M.D.
  • “Foods that Poison You” - Ralph Nader
  • “Anatomy of an Illness” - Norman Cousins
  • “Life Extension” - Durk Pearson, Sandy Shaw
  • *   “Solving Prostate Problems” - Martin Gebhard, M.D.
  • “Alternative Medicines” - Bertram Goldberg
  • *    “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” - James F. Balch, M.D.
  • *    “Cure for All Diseases” - Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.
  • *    “Cure for All Cancers - Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.

In talking to Henry's wife in Canada today, he is still fine, has no complaints, and his most recent PSA reading is 3.2 (normal). 

Thanks to Dr. Clark.

"S B"

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