Thank you for the opportunity. I wish I could pay more money for the cause. Perhaps in the future I can be a better contributor. As my health continues to improve, my wage-earning opportunity will improve as well.

I just wanted to add that Dr. Hulda Clark saved my life. I was very ill, I read her books and put myself on the parasite progrem, i.e. herbs, zapping and amalgam removal. I now have a life again. I have helped at least 2 other persons who were diagnosed with cancer. They, too, are alive and well.

A pre-surgical work-up led to the discovery of a nodule on my lung. Since this indicates that cancer is somewhere in the body, a search for that cancer began. In the meantime, I began Dr. Clark's parasite cleanse.

Another X-ray was taken 6 months following the original one. No GROWTH was found. Six months later another x-ray revealed a smaller nodule. A CT scan was recommended which I turned down. (Why should I put myself through that?) Another 6 months later, the X-ray showed NO nodule. A 2nd  X-ray was taken at that time because of a possible "mistake". A nodule was not found.

The explanation was "the first 3 x-rays must have been a mistake". Obviously, I was able to destroy that cancer before it could be found by conventional medicine.

The last x-ray occured in 1997, and needless to say, I continue on the parasite cleanse and 'zapper' routine to the present. I shall maintain from now on.

THANKYOU, Dr. Clark!
Cordially, ME J

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