"Doctors are wondering"

We have a friend who has been told about a month ago that he had terminal cancer in his lung with six months to live... "with chemo". He had 3 treatments of chemo.

One day later we helped him get the herbs for the parasite treatment out of "The Cure For All Diseases". He is taking Shaklee's Liqui-Lea for tiredness, L-Acidophilus to clear the lymph nodes, Shaklee's Alfalfa for swelling, another B -2 possibly, Echinacea besides the parasite treatment. At the same time he got his spiritual life into sink. He made his peace with his God.

About two weeks ago he went to Drs. for a check-up. They said his white count was normal, to their surprise. He has not been sick. He had gained nine pounds. He had been tired and felt some "weight" on his chest. He took three more treatments of kemo and has felt like traveling to visit relatives in a nearby state. They have also had a lot of company from out of state being really BUSY. He also took part in a healing service at our church where a minister told him when he returned to the Dr., that the next x-ray would show nothing bad on it. Our friend called us yesterday and said the doctors are really wondering... because they found a clear x-ray, and they compared the other x-rays for him. We believe the healing streams of prayer and medicine go hand in hand and that God gives us all knowledge to use. We believe God is working all things for our good. However God decided to heal J, we are all grateful and want to thank Dr. Clark for her caring and books.

My husband should have credit for studying and we also want to say he loaned J a Zapper he built and he made the black walnut tincture J took from the recipe in Dr. Clark's book. He spends a lot of time and energy studying and has helped a lot of people to get help from these writings. We want to express thanks for this and many other people getting help -- we use Dr. Clark's books all the time -- and to you to help spread the word. We called people to say thanks for their prayers, on the 700 Club prayer line 1-800-759-0700 and the lady who answered asked where to get the information on herbs and we shared it again to a lady who just had surgery and chemo for breast cancer. She wants a book. Just a big THANKS.

Sincerely, BB

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