You may be interested to know that the red sheep flukes that I sent you are from the Helen (91 years old) that you posted on your site, hers was the jar of red worms

1 1/2 years later she did this cleanse and was again heavily infested. She only did one cleanse 1 1/2 years ago and never did anything else. That one cleanse got her out of her death bed for over 1 year. Now the doctor says "you're a dead woman", cancer has taken over her liver,gallbladder and pancreas. He says you might want to do what you did 1 1/2 years ago, that is all he could advise. She was bed ridden and 76 pounds. Did as I asked and 2 liver cleanses later she can walk the 1/2 mile to the mail box in the snow and goes to church!!!! Fast turn around in 1 month!!!!!!!!!!

She learned a hard lesson, she now accepts she had worms very bad and she takes her walnut and supplements and uses the zapper.

Her cats still eat off her plate, but she is 91 and lives alone in a fallen down house trailer, the cats are her dear friends and they almost killed her. They go next door to the sheep farm and bring the worms home! Her 67 year old son did a cleanse and it was identical to his moms, full of red sheep flukes!!!!!

The wife was pretty clean! This makes me wonder if he had them as child and why his wife of 40 years never got them from him?

They all know now that if Hellen would have stayed on the herbs 1 1/2 years ago, she wouldn't have had this terrible cancer now, but the doctor didn't kill or cut her up because after all, she is a 91 years old bag of bones and he didn't want to waste his time with her and praise God she lives
and her old worm picture is circulating around the world.



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