I had some surgery last nov.99 while doing so they discovered a Carcinoid Tumor in the small bowl and part of my liver. They removed all that they could see and had tested. My oncologist told me that this is a rare form and grows very slowly and that we should wait and test every 3 months before we start any kind of treatment.

Well I refused to stand around and wait, so I did my own investigation and voilà I came across Dr. Clark's "Cure for All Cancers" book. Well it sure sounded convincing to me so I started on her program Jan. 21, 2000. I went for my CAT scan and some other test later part of Feb. The results were GREAT the only thing showing a little high was my urine 5-HIAA test.

So I'am going to continue on her program. I just ordered the zapper and some other products. So look out BUGS here I come!!!!!!


P.S.: I've been passing along all information to other people who have contacted me through a carcinoid group that I am in. So Please Keep Up The GREAT WORK And Tell Dr. Clark THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK AND DEDICATION AND NOT GIVING IN TO THE ALL POWERFULL ACS,FDA,AMA,NCI AND SO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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