September 2007

Dr. Clark,

My brother had liver and pancreatic cancer. This treatment helped my brother after he was told he only had 3 months to live. He lived for seven years. When he died, he did not have cancer.
One of my friends has been treated for a pinched nerve. Seven weeks later it was discovered that he has lung, liver and bone cancer and is taking radiation. We started him on the treatment two weeks ago and now praying to see some results. He had a blood clot, went into the hospital and kept a temperature for 2-3 days. My feeling is that this was good.

However, I asked him to hold off on the cloves since he got hot whenever he took it.

Am going to start my 85 year old brother-in-law on the treatment.

Just saw him in Indianapolis this weekend and he is so depressed. So I am ordering the package today.

Thanks for your work.

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