Comments, Questions: I have been nursing my mother back to health after doctors gave up on her, she has 4 brain tumors as secondarys from lung cancer, She was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2005, she had 3 bouts of Chemotherapy (one bout every 3 weeks), then 1 month of Radiation treatment, then another 3 bouts of Chemo, we also were trying alternative therapies and supplements, 2 weeks before getting the all clear from the lung cancer she was diagnosed with 4 Brain Metastasies ( July 2006 ), one at the front right hand lobe, one at the side (above the ear) right hand lobe, one at the left lobe ( in line with the ear ), these were all the size of 5 cent peices, and one at the back of the head, near the cerebrum, about the size of a small plum.

She went for full brain radiation and 7 weeks after coming back had the scan to find out what was going on, They had all grown considerably.

When mum was told by doctors that there would be no more radiation or that there were no clinical trials were being offered, she went downhill in a big way within 2 weeks, she could not walk unaided, she lost about 10kg (down to 40 - 45kg), she slept a lot, no energy, yellow skin and dark eyes, started having trouble with some words and getting them out, and mentally she was ready for the luney ward!!  Then she told me she was dying!!

We had been given the book 'The Cure for all Advanced Cancers' about 1 week before she told me this, so that day I tried to gather as much of the supplements that I could.

We have been using the 21 day programe of which 21 days is up, has been for approx 2 to 3 weeks I'm continually repeating day 8 & 9 now.I haven't been able to get hold of an ozoneator and a couple of the supplements i.e Thyroid, Thioctic  Acid, Glutamic Acid, hydrandea Root, methaione and a couple others I haven't been able to find in Australia. However I have seen a dramatic improvement in her over the past couple months, she is now walking by herself, she has more energy, she's doing a fair bit of housework and she goes for small walks in the mornings, she still struggles with her cancer demons mentally throughout the day but all in all a great improvement.

I have seen first hand the amount of parasites that are expelled with the enemas, and her tumors seem to be opening one at a time as we get a flood of parasites for a couple of days, then not a lot for about 7 - 10 days then another flood of parasites.

We only done the one blood test, (we're ordering one for this week), all levels were within the healthy range except her white blood cells which were sitting at 1.0 !! That was pretty scary.!! 

My questions are as follows,  Should I be purchasing these products from the U.S? Or should I just purchase the whole 21 day programe from the web.  Are they illegal to import into Australia? and is the amount quoted on the web site in $US or Australian$ ?

Also, I was wondering what the procedure would be to get into the clinic with Dr Clark, do we just book in? Or is there a waiting period, who do I contact to find out about that? We're flying blind as far as any medical support goes and mum and I would really like to get into the clinic. If not for treatment per say then just to have a consultation to make sure we're on the right track.!!

Any information you could supply would be greatly appreciated.



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