When I wrote a letter to a lawyer acting for the FDA, to support Dr. Clark,  I told him that Dr. Clark saved my life etc. I sent it to David first to ensure it was O.K. Didn't help as the good doctor had to change her website anyway.

Some eight years ago I was diagnosed as having Basal Cell Carcinoma. There was a tumor on my face. My MD was about to arrange an appointment with a surgeon to remove the growth. I said I wanted to think about it. I could not understand how it would CURE what I had. It would not remove the cause.(Since then, my friend P D had five tumors on his chest over a six year period. Each disappeared when subjected to radiation, but in short order another tumor took it's place.)

My next step was to see a Naturopath. He supplied me with two ointments. One to break up the tumor, the other was to heal. He was rather reluctant and wanted me to satisfay him that I would not tell anybody. The tumor was gone and the flesh healed in about 10 days. When I asked him about removing he cause he said, "Let's see what happens".(He obviously did not know the cause)

A month or so after this episode I began to feel pain and discomfort in the area of my prostate. MD made an appointment with an oncologist. He diagnosed cancer of the prostate. Then he explained what he intended to do to me. I asked him, "Will it cure me?" Prevarication, "Well, 'er, It's what we do in cases like yours".

Next question. "What is your track record of cures?" I thought he was going to have a heart attack! Next question, "If you cannot cure people, how did you become an oncologist?" Another almost heart attack. Again, how could mutiliation cure the condition?

So I began to dig. A friend loaned me a copy of, "The Cure For All Cancers". Soon other books sped into my orbit. Dr. Clark's book was read avidly. Oh how it made sense.  Fortuously a local Health Food Store had a display of Dr. Clark's book, plus a display of her products.

Naturally I purchased her book plus a supply of products, In a few days I began to expel parasites.  Another friend told me about Awareness Corporation.  About the same time I recall something on the internet in which Dr. Clark commented on Awarenness products. It seemed to be favorable, so I tried their products, with Dr. Clark's. Overload maybe. But I was determined to beat this thing.

Somewhere around that time I read a piece about the importance of enzymes, so I took them too, 

Result: pain and discomport disappeared, could get around my apartment without clinging to furniture and friends who expected to attend my funeral were vey pleased to see me around again.

I have condensed parrt of the narrative of course.  Since that time I have purchased, "The Cure For All Diseases" and referred many people to Dr. Clark's websites and told them to buy her books. That';s why I emailed you about M.

I will be 88 this coming July and amaze people with my vitality and daily regimen.

Dear Cristina, I hope the foregoing was of interest and value to you.

With sincere best wishes.


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