Dr Clark

I have antibodies for Hepatitis C and am starting now to feel exhausted. I want to ask you if the Deluxe Zapper would help with this ailment I have received.

I don't know how I got it as I'm not a drug user.

I have also a weak urinatory stream and suspect I have prostrate enlargement. This as you probably know is keeping me awake due to frequent visits to the toilet.

I have your "Cure for all Cancers" book but it doesn't mention if this illness that has befallen me could be cured.

I want to purchase a Deluxe Zapper but want to know if this Zapper would help me.

I have Wormwood herbs growing in my garden and can access fresh Cloves but don't have walnut husk juice and would consider getting this product from you also.     We had a walnut tree but it fell down from termite infestation.

I treated my mother's brain tumor with 100% success and a friend with Colon Cancer with 100% successful recovery also thanks to you guidance.

I have spread your work to anyone with an illness and believe your work is the best there is. I have sent you my testimonials and have had contacts from USA to confirm this.

Could you please send me some information regarding the above enquiry as I would be most grateful for any support you could bare to give.

Thank you for all you have done.  Warm regards


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