Still in awe, I will start with my brother in laws history.

He is a most unfortunate 44 year old Caucasian gentleman. He was admitted to the hospital because of generalized seizure.

He carries a diagnosis of metastatic melanoma with unknown primary since 2002.

He had a craniotomy with complete resection of two metastatic melanoma lesions.

Burn irradiation was suggested after the second resection, but the patient decided not to proceed with that. CT of the brain in the emergency room showed mild hydrocephalus and some meningeal enhancement. Spinal fluid was pink and hazy with 2 white blood cells, 9 red blood cells. glucose of 33, and protein of 103. Cytology was positive for metastatic melanoma. Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis that has a dismal prognosis. This was on Nov 20 he was released on Nov 23 and went downhill from there was readmitted on the evening of nov 26 by Nov 27 the cancer had moved into his neck and he was expected not to make the week-end.

In the meantime I was searching the net for clues, I personally have been using a zapper for several months a friend had left me, I knew it worked on a small scale with my young niece and my father but when I tried it on him...nothing.

Then I found more information on duration zapping and  begged his doctor to let me put this toy on his legs it makes him feel comfortable, I was afraid to tell them what it really was in the event they would say no. 16 hours later when they were going to switch him to morphine they said it wouldn't hurt at this point.

9.15 am. 11/29 he got the zapper @ 12.05 pm. 3 hours later he woke up and asked for some chilli and wondered why we were looking at him in awe.

I had an old zapper that had a 7 min. timer in it but stayed for two days with my sister to keep the zapper running. 6pm that evening all his doctors had to see and give him the once over none of them asked about the box on his ankles. He stood up outside the hospital doors and walked to he vehicle himself on 12/01. He received a (EAV) Bioenegenic Test on 12/07 with no signs of cancer. 

We are following up with Dr. Clark's protocol and antioxidants to regain his strength from his fight.

His two young daughters were parading around the house singing "we love the zapper."

Thank you Dr Clark I know it has been tough for you to continue your fight for us.

God Bless DR. Clark.

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