I only recently acquired a computer and discovered I could make contact with the people that directly have helped my health the most. "A Cure For All Cancers" was put in my hands for me to read for a friend with a liver disease. I tried very hard to persuade her to give the methods in the book a real test. She wouldn't but I did.

Some interesting things happened I never dreamed could. For instance, the pain in my neck and shoulder that I really expected to have to live with because of my lifestyle of driving at least 40 thousand miles a year just disappeared. My swelled aching feet that made every trip to Walmart and standing to do the dishes a nightmare just stopped hurting and swelling. Headaches are a thing of the past.

All the little bumps and knots under my skin and on my face and neck are gone. I don't remember when the last gall bladder attack was that laid me out in the floor with a pain in my side coming over my shoulder after a meal with some butter or egg in it. My breasts were full of lumps and shooting pains were common. Although I had never had a test, as I read the book, I knew if it wasn't all out Cancer it would be eventually. I made a list of all the pains and symptoms I had when I started. They are either all gone or on there way out. Oh yes, I have lost 50 pounds.

I would like to personally thank Hulda. I think of her often.

When I found out about her being arrested, I knew she would come out on top. Many of my friends and I prayed she would triumph over the arrest, that everything that was meant for evil would turn out to her good.

I am so very grateful for the many answers to so many of the mysteries in my life. I have read many books on all of these things and never (although I tried them all) did I get satisfactory results.

Thanks, Hulda, for being willing to put your convictions on the line and take the flack.

Thanks Again

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