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Daniela Enrico BenaSent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 6:09 PM
Subject: ultrasound and photo after liver cleanse

Dear Staff Dr. Clark,

Following your mail invited who can to help you demonstrate the results of the liver cleanse according to Dr. Clark, I can testify that I have done this cleanse 3 times with very positive results if not to say surprising results.

I enclose the ultrasound that I did on 26.10.09 where I discovered that I had gallstones in my gallbladder.

After 3 liver cleanses according to Dr. Clark's protocol the result is clear and visible as you see from the ultrasound of 23.12.10. All 3 cleanses were without pain and have been done after the parasite cleanse according to Dr. Clark.

I thank once again Dr, Cristina Carugati that gave me sound advice before, during and after the liver cleanses.

I will continue to do these cleanses because as you can see from the last ultrasound, the one done on 23.12.10, my gallbladder still has gallstones but if you compare it with the first ultrasound, the one done on 26.10.09, my gallbladder was nearly full of stones and the physician that visited me after the ultrasound wanted to remove my gallbladder... therefore for me this has been a miracle!!!!

After the liver cleanses I have been able to eat everything once again, giving attention to not eat too much fat, but not even that much because even if I do eat a cake with cream and whip cream, I have no problems to digest it and the dark circles under my eyes have now disappeared as also the continuous tiredness that for months impeded me to do many things.

I hope that this testimonial will be of help so that this protocol can be known always more. In the meantime I witness this cleanse to friends and family and acquaintances noticing that there is always more interest in who listens to me!!!!!!!

Certainly, in order to full understand how this cleanse works one must try it.. a bit of courage and follow the Dr. Clark's recipe religiously . Thank you for having given me the possibility to discover this cure and to have avoided a cholecystectomy.

With gratitude
Daniela Enrico Bena


The gallbladder is dysmorphic and there is plenty of biliary microlithiasis (stones) and mobile sand. Non-dilated bile ducts




Compared with last examination today analysis confirms the presence of a dysmorphic but relaxed gallbladder with many small mobile stones of 2-3 mm but that now appear reduced in number and size.


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