I would like to testify to the success of my first liver cleanse. I expelled approx. 400 stones, without pain or discomfort! I intend to repeat the cleaning within the next 3 weeks. I thank Cristina who follows me with the various Clark protocols, cleansing and various therapies, aimed at optimizing health, strengthening the immune system. It is a fascinating journey and every day, reading Dr. Clark's books, I realize her tireless, precious pioneering work which today, more than ever, is of great relevance, and which teaches us to take care of our health. , alone 

Cristina, I performed my second liver cleanse on 6/7 May 2017, one month after the first. The gallstones expelled were numerically smaller than the previous ones but of much more considerable size. In addition, I expelled some brown junk floating,  possibly cholesterol crystals not yet formed into round stones. Like the first time, and following Dr. Clark's protocol to the letter, I can testify that I did not experience any pain and
slept well all night. I like ot think that I managed to expel gallstones without surgery ! By the way I’m a vegetarian! B.W.

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