To: Cristina

I just did either my seventh or eighth flush.  I've lost track by one.  On the fourth flush, I didn't pass anything.  There might have been another flush where I passed nothing.  Then, on the next flush, I passed a heck of a lot of that chaffe (spelling?) stuff.  I've read that's just as important.  This time I passed a minimum of 150 stones.  If I include the cinder-sized ones I totalled well over 200.  Please excuse the graphic nature of pic #211.  I thought it effective to show how it looks to have the stones in the toilet before i took them out. 

Number seven or eight and going strong!  I'm going until I have three cleanses at which I pass no stones. 

You may use this as testimonial.

Your help is always deeply appreciated, considering your efforts have greatly contributed to lowering my future medical bills (at least from 'barbaric' orthodox medical procedures).
Sincerely   NE (4266)

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