After reading Dr Clark's books "The Cure for All Cancers" and "The Cure for All Diseases", I decided to build a hand zapper and to give it a try. It was very difficult for me to believe it at first, but my first attempt at fending off an oncoming cold was very successful, even with that simple, totally inexpensive hand zapper. My husband, who was sceptical at first, tried it also with great success. A few months later, we built up an electronic zapper. We use it regularly and had no cold for 3 years.

Thanks to Dr Clark, I also got rid of a non-malignous breast lump. After reading in her book that those lumps are often due to toxic metal deposits and often turn into a cancerous tumor at a later stage, I decided to take some chelating amino acids (one pill of L-cystein and one pill of L-histidine everyday). After 3 weeks, as I had to visit my doctor, I checked myself, and couldn't detect anything. My doctor checked also -twice-, and to her great surprise, that lump had disappeared. This after only three weeks.

We have not had major health problems otherwise, but I am very grateful to Dr Clark: I do not have to suffer from colds or flu any more, and -unlike many people-, I know I do not have to live in the fear of cancer or diseases. I have also seen many people getting much better by just doing her parasite treatment and following her guidelines. Dr Clark should be honoured and praised for what she has done for humankind.

So to conclude, a big THANK YOU to Dr Hulda Clark.


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